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Getting Agile in Health: Preparing Insurance Providers for the Move to Agile

Many healthcare insurance providers are making the move to Agile or considering it. For customer-facing systems such as self-help portals, IVR, chat, email responders, and mobile apps, Agile can offer faster time to market, improved quality, and even reduced costs, especially if you have good feedback from customers on what needs to be changed. Reducing the time to delivery and increasing the quality of customer-facing services can be a differentiating factor that retains customers and draws new ones to your healthcare insurance organization. Ultimately, adopting Agile can be the key to delivering a flawless customer experience (CX) in the healthcare space.

So what are the benefits of moving to Agile in detail?

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Do You Know What's Hidden in Your IVR? Finding out Will Improve Your CX


As part of a recent IVR migration project, a Cyara customer needed a better understanding about their existing call flows as well as updated documentation. Cyara's solution for the customer was to use Crawler, our automated IVR discovery and mapping tool.

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What IS Customer Experience, Really?

In my previous post, I talked about the difficulty in looking at one simple customer journey: the purchase of a product or service. One of the most important things that organizations need to do, in that context, is to facilitate communication between different departments in the organization.

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Challenges in Identifying the Customer Journey

Everyone touts the importance of optimizing the customer journey, ensuring the best customer journey, and creating customer journeys that best serve the business and the customers. Despite this, most organizations don’t have a handle on what their typical customer journey is.

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Your Customer Experience Can Have it All: Improved Speed and Quality at Reduced Cost

Think about it: what’s your biggest challenge? Since you’re reading this blog post, you may feel like it's speeding up your innovation to meet the expectations of your customers. But that’s easier said than done when customers are expecting more from their customer experience than ever. 

The Customer Experience Innovation Lifecycle

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How Many Load Tests Do You Need?

This scenario may sound familiar: You've just upgraded your contact center, but before you can celebrate, there's one last item on the Project Manager's implementation plan — a performance load test.  

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The Rise of the Chatbots and What They Mean for the Future of Customer Experience

Microsoft's talking about them. Facebook's talking about them. Oracle announced a new Virtual Agent 'chatbot' platform at their Oracle OpenWorld 2016 conference recently. 2016 has even been called "the year of conversational commerce" by the inventor of the hashtag, Chris Messina. It's safe to say that chatbots are a technology we can't ignore in the customer experience space. 

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The Problem with Relying on Customer Feedback

The best way to find out what your customers think of your organization is to ask them, right? Well, the answer is "both yes and no". 

Many companies use surveys like Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), which asks customers to rate their satisfaction, NPS (Net Promoter Score), which asks customers to rate the likelihood they would recommend the company to a friend, and CES (Customer Effort Score), which is used to gauge how much effort a customer had to put in to resolve an issue. There is no doubt that these surveys yield valuable insights for organizations looking to improve their customer experience.

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From the Front Lines: Common Experiences with Recent Load Tests

All around the world, Cyara's global Professional Services team has been especially busy in the past few weeks running load tests. Regardless of the customer or the region, some things are common with these tests.

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How to Create Positive Customer Experiences in Government Agency Call Centers

It’s no secret that the customer experience at most government call centers needs to be improved. In fact, I’ll bet that most people would say they dread the prospect of calling any government office, and few people expect a convenient and pleasant experience.

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