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The Problem with Relying on Customer Feedback

The best way to find out what your customers think of your organization is to ask them, right? Well, the answer is "both yes and no". 

Many companies use surveys like Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), which asks customers to rate their satisfaction, NPS (Net Promoter Score), which asks customers to rate the likelihood they would recommend the company to a friend, and CES (Customer Effort Score), which is used to gauge how much effort a customer had to put in to resolve an issue. There is no doubt that these surveys yield valuable insights for organizations looking to improve their customer experience.

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From the Front Lines: Common Experiences with Recent Load Tests

All around the world, Cyara's global Professional Services team has been especially busy in the past few weeks running load tests. Regardless of the customer or the region, some things are common with these tests.

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How to Create Positive Customer Experiences in Government Agency Call Centers

It’s no secret that the customer experience at most government call centers needs to be improved. In fact, I’ll bet that most people would say they dread the prospect of calling any government office, and few people expect a convenient and pleasant experience.

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How to Calculate the Number of Ports You Need for Regression Testing

“How do you know how many ports you need to run a regression testing campaign?” A couple of guys on our pre-sales team were asked to weigh in on this question recently regarding Cyara Replay, our regression testing solution, for a proposal to a prospective customer. So, if you do regression testing, you may be interested in the process and the information we require to provide an accurate answer.

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Where are You in the Digital Evolution?

CNN recently aired a series called The 80s. This flashback to life in that decade is worth a look because so much of the technology was just being invented. The mobile phone and the personal computer both came out in that decade. They didn't have the capabilities of our modern devices, but they were a beginning for technology we enjoy today. There weren't a lot of communications choices, and back then, the customer journey may have actually been referring to a customer physically going to their bank to resolve an issue.

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PS Lessons Learned Multitasking with Crawler

A major retail utility company was recently challenged to enroll as many customers as possible in an incentive program to switch from conventional light bulbs to LED bulbs. This incentive had cost savings for both the company and the customers. The challenge, however, was how to quickly and economically enroll thousands of customers in this incentive.

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Finding a Perfect IT Match

Did you know that the U.S. government has a $79 billion IT budget? This makes it one of the largest consumers of products and services in the world. And, with over 4.2 million federal employees, there’s an enormous demand for the best available technology. As you can imagine, with that many employees and that much budget the process for getting a government contract is difficult to navigate.

That’s why Cyara recently signed a partner referral agreement with Dcode42, a company that specializes in helping technology companies break into the government market. Dcode42, introduces technology companies to potential suitable opportunities. Dcode42’s goal is to make sure that new and innovative technologies get the opportunity to be evaluated.

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Is Open Enrollment Making You Anxious?

An email went out from my company’s HR director recently that said it was time to register with a new employee benefits broker. I immediately had that sinking sensation of dread. Let's just say that I've had some less than pleasant experiences with picking insurance coverage. 

I’m not the only one who reacts this strongly to the thought of Open Enrollment. Research shows that 54% of Americans think that choosing a healthcare plan is more complicated that solving a Rubik’s cube1

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If You Want to Win the Customer Experience Race, Take off Your Blinkers

Did you watch the Kentucky Derby earlier this month? Millions of people, even if they aren’t horse racing fans, tune in every year for this Triple Crown race. We love the tradition, the pageantry and the big payoff, if we put our money on the right horse.

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Delivering Great CX from Your Side of the Wall

There’s a wall in your contact center. It’s the wall that separates you from your telephony vendor. It’s not a physical wall, but you can’t see through it. And, to your customers, any problem they have with their call not getting through is YOUR problem, regardless of whether the issue is on your side or the vendor’s side of the wall. In fact, to your customers, the responsibility for delivering great customer experiences is on your side of the wall.

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