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Three Ingredients for Lasting CX Improvement

It's a typical Sunday evening, and I am channel surfing the 500 or so US cable stations. I am a food show junkie, and Bar Rescue on SPIKE catches my eye. This show is typically about a failing bar, and the bar owner, who has no vision for how to get out of debt and grow his or her business, so they contact Jon Taffer, the host of Bar Rescue. Jon puts together a team that goes into the bar to conduct research, work with the bar staff on improving their products, and coach the staff on new methods of providing a better customer experience.

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Cyara’s Response to the POODLE Vulnerability

The “New Normal” seems to be an ever-increasing number of security breaches or cyber attacks. This blog addresses the POODLE (Padding Oracle On Downloaded Legacy Encryption) vulnerability that surfaced last month. The purpose of the blog is to help you understand this vulnerability and to let you know how Cyara has responded.

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