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Six Core Values to Build a Great Customer Experience

‘Customer Experience is today’s business benchmark, according to a blog post by Martin Zwilling published earlier this year on In this post, Zwilling asks, “What is that customer experience that every modern marketer is talking about, and how do you measure it?” An equally weighty question that I often ask is, “how do you design a great customer experience?”

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Quit Rolling the Dice; Monitor Your Customer Experience

As the demographics of consumers change and the market becomes more global, the number of face‐to‐face interactions with customers is decreasing or, in many cases, disappearing altogether. Companies now rely heavily, and sometimes exclusively, on technology to support customer interactions. If those interactions are not satisfying to the customer, they will switch, and in some cases, they will tell all of their friends on Facebook or Twitter. The need for high quality interactions has never been more important, and the cost of failure has never been greater.

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Measure, Compare and Monitor Voice Quality for a Better Customer Experience

How serious are you about the customer experience? No – really how serious are you? James Allen from the Harvard Business School found that although 80% of businesses state that they offer a great customer experience, only about 8% of customers feel the same about their experience.

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