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CX Metrics, Testing, and Business Goals

I am a member of Lean Startup Circle in San Francisco. It's a decentralized grassroots organization of Lean Startup practitioners all over the world. We come together to share tips, tricks, and stories about our successes and failures building companies. At a recent event, Laura Klein, author of UX for Lean Startups and a well-known blogger, spoke, and her publisher, O'Reilly Media, generously provided copies of her book to those attending.

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How Much Does a SEV1 Cost Your Organization?

The answer is, it depends. The cost of a SEV1 depends on many factors including when the error is discovered and how difficult it is to diagnose and repair. But first, what is a SEV1?

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Four Words Going Bye-Bye and Customer Experience

Thomas L. Friedman, a Pulitzer-winner who writes on foreign affairs, globalization, and technology for The New York Times is one of my favorite authors. I recently read his Opinion Page article, Four Words Going Bye‐Bye. He starts his article by stating that there are four words that are “becoming obsolete and destined to be dropped from our vocabulary. And those words are “privacy,” “local,” “average,” and “later.” A lot of what drives today’s news derives from the fact that privacy is over, local is over, average is over, later is over.”

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