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Is Open Enrollment Making You Anxious?

An email went out from my company’s HR director recently that said it was time to register with a new employee benefits broker. I immediately had that sinking sensation of dread. Let's just say that I've had some less than pleasant experiences with picking insurance coverage. 

I’m not the only one who reacts this strongly to the thought of Open Enrollment. Research shows that 54% of Americans think that choosing a healthcare plan is more complicated that solving a Rubik’s cube1

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If You Want to Win the Customer Experience Race, Take off Your Blinkers

Did you watch the Kentucky Derby earlier this month? Millions of people, even if they aren’t horse racing fans, tune in every year for this Triple Crown race. We love the tradition, the pageantry and the big payoff, if we put our money on the right horse.

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Delivering Great CX from Your Side of the Wall

There’s a wall in your contact center. It’s the wall that separates you from your telephony vendor. It’s not a physical wall, but you can’t see through it. And, to your customers, any problem they have with their call not getting through is YOUR problem, regardless of whether the issue is on your side or the vendor’s side of the wall. In fact, to your customers, the responsibility for delivering great customer experiences is on your side of the wall.

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Which Customer Experience Would You Rather Have?

Earlier this week, my doctor wrote a prescription for me for an antibiotic. Unfortunately, she faxed the prescription to my insurance provider’s mail order pharmacy instead of to my local pharmacy. Because my credit card had already been charged by the time the mistake was discovered, I had to call the insurance company for a correction.

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Make Migration from ISDN to SIP Easy with an Automated Process

There are just some things you can’t do manually. Migrating several thousand DDI numbers from a Telecom ISDN to SIP is one of those things. Here’s the process one government agency with 20 contact centers used to accomplish this type of migration successfully.

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