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    6 Common DevOps Challenges for CX Teams

    In a recent blog post, Enabling and Accelerating the Top 6 Goals of Innovative CX Leaders, we shared that many of our customers are undergoing Agile and DevOps transformations. In working with these leading organizations, we have identified some common challenges in transitioning to Agile/DevOps and successful strategies for overcoming them.

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    Signaling What's to Come: Key Takeaways from the O'Reilly AI Conference

    As well as being the topic of the moment, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a subject close to my heart — my honors thesis and masters studies at university in the late 80s were focused on deep learning and artificial neural networks (ANN). The O'Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference held recently in San Francisco offered a lot of valuable insights into how AI is increasingly being applied in all sorts of industries, and increasingly so in the customer service space. As part of the Cyara investment in our AI future, Cyara’s Chief Engineer Thomas Fejes and myself attended the conference.

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    CX Assurance KPIs: What are You Measuring?

    As organizations focus on delivering the best possible customer journeys, many are looking to expand the body of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) they track. 

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    Enabling and Accelerating the Top 6 Goals of Innovative CX Leaders

    Cyara’s Domain Consulting team works closely with organizations who understand the value of delivering a high quality customer experience (CX). We leverage solutions, services, best practices, and industry learnings to evaluate organizations’ processes, technology, and overall capability so that they achieve excellent CX and can innovate quickly. 

    Throughout our engagements with some of the world’s leading brands, we’ve identified many common trends, including the 6 key strategic goals below.  

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    Overcoming the Downward Spiral of Inadequate Testing

    We all know that consistently delivering a great CX is hard. We also all know that your customers don’t care — they expect a flawless CX every time they interact with you.

    In fact, 78% of consumers consider it critical to leave a service interaction feeling good about their experience (Salesforce, State of the Connected Customer, 2017). And, 39% of consumers who had a very bad experience spent less with that company (Temkin Group, What Consumers Do After a Good or Bad Experience, 2017). 

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    Research Shows UK Insurance Companies are Lagging in CX

    Consumer expectations of the customer experience (CX) an enterprise provides are on the rise, but research shows insurers in the UK aren't necessarily rising to the challenge. In fact, they appear to be going backwards.

    In a survey of 1,000 UK consumers plus evaluation of how 20 UK insurers responded to simple queries across a variety of digital channels, Eptica found that 68% of queries were not answered or answered inaccurately in 2017. This figure is a sharp increase on 2016, which saw 48% of queries unanswered/answered inaccurately.

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    Operational Customer Experience: The Business Impact of Improving OCX Infographic

    In the previous blog post in this series, we broke down a Frost & Sullivan survey of contact centers around the world and examined the kinds of obstacles that affect Operational Customer Experience (OCX). In the first post of the series, we looked at how OCX impacts customer satisfaction.

    In this final post, we take a look at the business impact of improving your customer experience at an operational level.

     (Click to download the infographic)

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    The 5 Stages of Customer Experience Maturity

    Customer experience: some enterprises excel at it, some do a good job, and others are still working at it. But at this point, the vast majority of enterprises know that offering good CX can be the difference between keeping and losing a customer.

    Over the last decade of working with the world's leading brands, we've identified 5 key stages of CX maturity. We've seen enterprises at all stages on the CX Maturity Continuum below.

    Those in the first two stages are typically remediating issues with their CX or starting to enhance it. Moving to the right, efforts to add and optimize channels also represent enhancement as well as innovation and disruption. The ultimate aim for any enterprise should be to innovate and disrupt, and be "Raising the Bar". 

    The CX Maturity Continuum

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    Guest Post by Forty 7 Ronin: 3 Key Takeaways on IVR Testing and Performance

    We recently teamed up with Cyara, a leading provider of customer experience (CX) assurance solutions, to host a joint webinar titled CX Assurance at the Speed of Innovation.

    The purpose? To share our insights on how to deliver a powerful customer experience through IVRs and multi-channel innovation. You can check out the webinar in its entirety here, but we’ve broken it down into three key takeaways you can use to begin fine-tuning your customer experience right away. Let’s take a look.

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    The Top 4 Reasons To Assure Your Call Recordings

    Across industries, recording calls is essential for many reasons, including regulatory compliance and agent training.

    Call recordings can be used as a tool to ensure the customer experience your agents are providing meets or exceeds customer expectations. 

    For financial institutions in particular, having call recordings available can avoid steep regulatory fines and legal consequences. 

    And in any industry, it's difficult to legally resolve a transaction dispute without the full, intelligible version of the recordings.

    With so much at stake, it's no wonder that many enterprises are looking for additional levels of assurance that their call recording systems are working they way they should be.

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