3 Great Examples of Transformative Solution Implementations to Celebrate Global CX Day


Global CX Day is October 5th! Cyara is proud to celebrate this unique holiday within our industry by recognizing individuals, companies, and organizations that work diligently to ensure quality customer experience to their audiences.


The CX community dedicates the first Tuesday of every October to call out remarkable customer experience. For example, last year for Global CX Day, we shared some of the valuable insights that Blair Pleasant, President and Principal Analyst at COMMfusion, presented at Cyara's Xchange 2020 Virtual Summit. She offered some compelling data on the major impacts that COVID-19 had on the contact center industry and a few predictions for the future, which you can read about here.

To celebrate Global CX Day this year, let’s take a look at ways some of our Customers overcame challenges and made positive improvements in CX.

  1. Assurant, an insurance company with about 15,000 employees, needed to make one of their legacy IVRs more customer-friendly. Assurant determined they needed an update to enable their IVR to handle various types of transactions relevant to two different business units. But they needed to ensure that each path taken by a customer throughout a typical transaction case could thoroughly resolve their issue or connect them with an agent who could help.

    To streamline the process, Assurant set up automated test cases to verify the functionality of each path prior to launching the rebuilt IVR. All testing was successfully conducted by only a few team members in the span of a single day.

    Read Chapter 1 of our ebook, Building Better CX, to see how.

  2. The Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) banking group, with 2 million customers making 450,000 unique journeys per month, wanted a better understanding of where to invest in technology that would help them differentiate based on customer experience while, at the same time, maintaining a continual focus on cost and speed-to-market.

    To accomplish this, they mapped customer journeys that spanned seven communication channels, identifying customer expectations, and integrating new speech recognition and voice biometrics technology that could provide the right amount of human touch at the point when it was needed most.

    Read Chapter 2 of our ebook, Building Better CX, for more details.

  3. The contact center operations team at HF Management, New York’s largest not-for-profit health insurer, found an opportunity for improvement that would directly affect their members’ experience.

    At times, issues with the IVR occurred overnight and would not be discovered until teams arrived in the morning. To resolve this, they implemented a series of automated IVR tests that ran early in the morning and conclude before 9:00 AM so teams are aware of any issues before starting work. They also began performing ongoing checks at several points throughout the day and on weekends.

    Read Chapter 4 of our ebook, Building Better CX, to learn more about what HF Management accomplished.

To showcase more stories about superb CX transformations, we held the Xchange Virtual Summit, October 13th & 14th 2021, featuring keynote speaker, Olympic champion and hall-of-famer, Sugar Ray Leonard, plus thought provoking speakers from Vodaphone, Genesys, Splunk, Vanguard, AWS, Voxai, Cognizant, National Australia Bank, Electrolux, and more!

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