Get to the Benefits of Amazon Connect Faster with Cyara Accelerator


Adoption of Contact Center technology in the Cloud is a trend that is well under way. According to IDC, nearly 50% of contact centers have deployed cloud-based solutions and an additional third are in the process. And, this isn’t just small contact centers. According to Forrester, 1 in 4 large contact centers currently deploys hosted, hybrid or cloud contact center environments, and 30% are expecting to move to subscription-type services.

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Cyara Accelerator for Amazon Connect

One of the stand-out players in this dynamic is Amazon Connect, and we’ve seen a number of large contact centers turn to Cyara to help them move to Amazon Connect.

That’s why we’ve invested in additional capabilities that make Cyara even more useful in driving migration to Amazon Connect, and recently launched Cyara Accelerator for Amazon Connect.

Automate Discovery of Existing Call Flows

The first hurdle we see many of our customers encounter is the absence of documentation of their existing IVR. Whether replicating as-is functionality in the cloud or redesigning the customer experience, having a clear baseline of existing IVR functionality is critical. And, for most companies, IVR documentation is horribly outdated, or completely absent. And, manually creating this documentation involves the very painful, time-consuming process of repeatedly dialing into the IVR manually and capturing the prompts and flows. Ugh! Who wants to do that!

With the Cyara Accelerator for Amazon Connect, you can automatically document your as-is IVR functionality. Cyara automatically dials into your IVR, captures prompts and flows, and surfaces that in an easy-to-understand visual that we call a CX Model. And, since both Cyara and Amazon are architected to make integration easy, we also have the ability to export that CX Model in a format that can be imported into Amazon Connect and automatically generate an Amazon Flow. This automation of discovery and creation of an Amazon Flow can really give your migration a kick start—even where you’re looking to optimize and improve your CX design.

Stay tuned to this blog for subsequent installments about how Cyara Accelerator for Amazon Connect helps with your migration. And, to learn more or sign up for a free trial, visit

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