After You’ve Gone Live with Amazon Connect CX Assurance Continues


In my last blog post, I focused on how Cyara Accelerator for Amazon Connect helps companies achieve both speed and quality in their initial migration to Amazon Connect, and in their ongoing development on their new platform. In today’s post, I want to turn my attention to monitoring your CX after you’ve gone live.

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Two Kinds of Monitoring

One of the benefits of moving to the cloud is that the vendor is responsible for monitoring their infrastructure. This is something you'd have to do yourself if your contact center were deployed on-premises. While necessary, this type of monitoring is not sufficient. It may find an issue with a server or switch -- and that issue may or may not have an impact on the customer experience. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fix it, but it may not be a burning issue. Conversely, the CX you deliver relies on myriad systems, from various vendors, some in the cloud and some on-premises, and all of which need to interact flawlessly. Device level monitoring won’t be able to identify issues in the interaction or hand-off between systems. Said another way, all the devices may be functioning as they should, but an integration is broken -- for example to a back-end database required to look up order status -- making it impossible for the customer to accomplish their goal. That’s a burning issue.

To make sure you have visibility into the performance of the customer journey, you need to monitor how the systems work holistically to deliver a customer journey. You do this by testing defined customer journeys, which ensures they are performing as designed, and enabling your customers to accomplish their goals.

Cyara Accelerator for Amazon Connect 

This type of CX monitoring is core to Cyara Accelerator for Amazon Connect, which allows you to automatically engage your CX systems at pre-defined intervals, follow prescribed customer journeys, and mimic customer interactions. CX monitoring assures that the customer journeys you have designed perform from beginning to end, across all technology systems and layers. Monitoring your CX holistically is the only way to be sure that the customer journeys you have so painstakingly designed are performing flawlessly and that any issues that do arise are caught and resolved early -- before those issues impact customers. 

So, as you migrate to Amazon Connect, plan to provide ongoing assurance of your customer experience once in production with Cyara Accelerator for Amazon Connect.

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