Are Digital CX Solutions Stretching Your Resources?


Automated Testing Lets You Do More With Less

As customer expectations change, companies are rapidly embracing digital customer experience (CX) technology. Momentum has already taken over in the shift toward AI-driven interactions, omnichannel experiences, and cloud-based service, just to name a few trends.

Brands are adopting these technologies because they grant them more flexibility in how they address customer needs in a changing world. In short, chatbots, interactive voice response (IVR) systems and contact center as a service (CCaaS) solutions open up vast new possibilities for how companies can deliver service.

What many contact center leaders don’t account for, however, is the cost and complexity these changes bring to their business. Suddenly, they have a whole new slate of solutions that can’t simply take care of themselves — they need testing, monitoring and updating to fully deliver on their customer experience promises. And that adds up to a lot more time and manual labor, leaving managers to wonder whether they’re truly better off in the long run.

There is one way to ensure your contact center is better off, though. By pairing those digital CX solutions with an automated testing and monitoring solution, you can gain CX assurance for your full suite of digital services — without all that extra time and labor that eats away at your profits. Here are just a few ways Cyara helps you do more with less.              

Make the Most of Your Chatbot

With all the improvements in conversational AI in recent years, chatbots are helping companies meet customers’ growing demand for self-service options. They’re now equipped to answer more customer inquiries than ever, and AI enables them to learn and evolve in how they respond.

Still, chatbots aren’t perfect, and there are plenty of customer pain points and awkward interactions. Catching and correcting these issues is a massive undertaking, especially if your company engages with thousands of customers every day. Building better bots requires a comprehensive testing and monitoring solution that can analyze and assure your bots’ performance at scale.

Cyara Botium does exactly that, delivering dynamic analytics of your chatbots’ language understanding and testing real-life customer interactions across every chat channel you use. The result is more accurate bots, better user experience and faster resolutions. Ultimately, that means better call containment and improved customer service.

Dial In Your IVR 

You may have a pristinely mapped IVR and perfectly trained agents. Neither will make much difference if callers struggle to hear or communicate clearly once they get through. Voice quality is one of the most critical — and often overlooked — issues in contact center customer experience.

Voice issues can even come into play before customers reach an agent, causing speech recognition problems in your IVR. Overall, poor voice quality increases average call handling time by 27%. And the longer your customers spend on the phone, the more their satisfaction with your service drops.

It’s incredibly difficult to keep tabs on voice quality across hundreds or thousands of lines and live customer service interactions. With Cyara ResolveAX however, you can automate the entire process, monitoring voice quality in real time to troubleshoot and resolve issues faster than ever. The system collects, aggregates and organizes the data for you so you can ensure better call quality, whether your agents are on site or remote, and resolve issues before they affect CX. And it does it all without an increase in manual labor.

Accelerate Cloud Migration 

The cloud is at the heart of today’s digital service environment. It brings together disparate IVR technologies under one roof and helps IT and operations teams come together to better execute customer service.

Getting your contact center to the cloud, however, is no easy task. The migration process often unveils a tangled web of IVR maps and creates a host of new problems to solve. It’s no surprise, then that migration projects are often subject to major delays and cost overruns. What managers expect to be a quick process can easily turn into a year-long slog.

Without an automated way to discover your IVR maps, build new customer journeys and test efficiently, there’s no easy way to speed up migration. With Cyara Cloud Migration Assurance, however, you can streamline the entire process so you can complete your migration and start delivering a cloud-based CX faster. Cyara can increase the pace of your migration project and allow you to test and maintain every aspect of your new cloud environment — without the need for more testers.

Let Cyara Help You Do More With Less

In nearly every crucial area of your contact center, automated testing and monitoring will help you do more with less. It’s the key to embracing today’s digital service solutions without drowning in the costs of maintenance and upkeep. For many contact centers, it’s the missing piece that will help them achieve true CX assurance.

Cyara’s award-winning CX assurance platform has the tools you need for every digital CX solution. Whether you’re embarking on cloud migration, updating your IVR, or deploying new chatbots, we can help you ensure each one is dialed in to help you deliver excellent customer service at any scale. And we do it all while saving you money and freeing your staff for more important work.

Ready to get started? Reach out today to see how Cyara helps you do more with less.