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Happy CX Day! Top Six Insights for CX Success

Today is CX Day – a day to celebrate the professionals and companies that make great customer experiences happen. So, on this sixth annual CX Day—created by the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA)—I’ve gathered six top insights and observations that I’ve gleaned from Cyara’s customers and fellow CX fanatics over the past year.

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Highlights from Xchange 2018

Our Xchange 2018 conference was a momentous occasion for us as a company, as well as for me personally. This was something I envisioned twelve years ago, so it was with both pride and humility that I took the stage to address our customers and partners. Even more valuable were the conversations we shared — over dinner, in the hallways, and in the breakout sessions where everyone shared their experiences and learnings with each other. Xchange 2018 was also a great opportunity for us to hear from several industry thought leaders. 

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Best Practices to Ensure a Flawless Customer Journey in the Telco Space

Despite being built for strengthening customer relationships, contact centers have unfortunately become a hub for customer complaints. Australian telecommunications leaders are using multiple avenues for managing service issues today, including phone calls, live internet chat, email, social media, and more. But the real customer service experience only begins once that interaction takes place.

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Visions of the future for contact center experience with Google Glass

The release of Google Glass is around the corner and just when you think you might have your customer contact channel strategy solidified, should this important consumer interface change your strategy. I wonder whether organizations can incorporate Google Glass in consumer apps to achieve competitive advantage now. Or should they wait and see… knowing there is a chance it will be just the next fad. Remember WAP?

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