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How Do DevOps Methods Accelerate CX Innovation?

This is the second of a two-part interview with Dr. Nicole Forsgren, CEO and chief scientist at DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA). In the first post we dove into some insights from her latest report: Accelerate: State of DevOps. And in this post we follow up with a discussion of the importance of Agile and DevOps methodologies to customer experience.

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State of DevOps Insights. 5 questions for Dr. Nicole Forsgren

This week, I had an opportunity to reconnect with Dr. Nicole Forsgren, CEO and chief scientist at DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA). Some of you DevOps aficionados will remember her fascinating keynote presentation, The Data Behind DevOps, at the Cyara Xchange conference, earlier this year. Through her work with DORA, Nicole helps some of the world’s top companies become high-performing organizations that are able to move faster and build more secure, resilient systems.

Nicole is also the lead investigator on the largest DevOps study to date, and so has a unique viewpoint on the expanding intersection of DevOps and customer experience (CX). In this two-part blog post, we first discuss some of the study’s findings, and then, later this week in a follow-up post, we’ll talk about how these findings can be applied to development projects that focus on customer experience applications.

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Are Your CX KPIs Crystal Balls or Rear-View Mirrors?

Can you measure CX real-time, in the moment? Are you confident that you have an objective measure of your CX? Can you benchmark your CX with your competitors?

In my experience, the answer for most organizations is “No.”

Organizations find themselves anxiously awaiting CSAT and NPS results, investing dollars and time in the process. Don't get me wrong. These KPIs are great metrics. They are common, simple, and easy to understand. However, they are incomplete measurements on their own, more specifically:

  • They are not forward looking
  • They are not directly actionable
  • They are not real-time

I would like to introduce a new approach around measuring, testing, and managing CX with an innovative series of operational metrics. We call them...Operational Customer Experience (OCX). These metrics are:

  1. 1)  Measured in real-time,
  2. 2) Based on actual customer interactions with your channels,
  3. 3) Scientific and not subjective, and
  4. 4) Allow you to benchmark to your industry or with the broader market.
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Enabling and Accelerating the Top 6 Goals of Innovative CX Leaders

Cyara’s Domain Consulting team works closely with organizations who understand the value of delivering a high quality customer experience (CX). We leverage solutions, services, best practices, and industry learnings to evaluate organizations’ processes, technology, and overall capability so that they achieve excellent CX and can innovate quickly. 

Throughout our engagements with some of the world’s leading brands, we’ve identified many common trends, including the 6 key strategic goals below.  

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