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2019 Roundup: Top Customer-Driven Innovations from Cyara

2019 was a busy year for Cyara. We delivered a wide range of innovations to our CX Assurance Platform driven by customer needs and market trends. There were four key customer- and market-driven themes that drove my top 10 picks for the enhancements we delivered in 2019. 

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Lessons from a Continuous Testing Rockstar

Among all the incredible content at Cyara Xchange, perhaps my favorite was Diego Lo Giudice’s keynote on continuous testing. Diego is Vice President and Principal Analyst from Forrester, and an expert in test automation as well as Agile and DevOps. And, fun fact, a rockstar in his own right as well as a rockstar for those of us focused on software quality. His presentation covered the big picture on why continuous testing is so important and the practical steps required to execute it.

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After You’ve Gone Live with Amazon Connect CX Assurance Continues

In my last blog post, I focused on how Cyara Accelerator for Amazon Connect helps companies achieve both speed and quality in their initial migration to Amazon Connect, and in their ongoing development on their new platform. In today’s post, I want to turn my attention to monitoring your CX after you’ve gone live.

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Overcoming the Speed-Quality Tradeoff in Your Migration to Amazon Connect

In my last blog post, I focused on how Cyara Accelerator helps companies accelerate their migration to Amazon Connect by automatically documenting existing IVR applications, and automatically generating call flows in Amazon Connect. By automating the process of generating a baseline IVR, brands can get their new system up and running much faster.

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Get to the Benefits of Amazon Connect Faster with Cyara Accelerator

Adoption of Contact Center technology in the Cloud is a trend that is well under way. According to IDC, nearly 50% of contact centers have deployed cloud-based solutions and an additional third are in the process. And, this isn’t just small contact centers. According to Forrester, 1 in 4 large contact centers currently deploys hosted, hybrid or cloud contact center environments, and 30% are expecting to move to subscription-type services.

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CX Thought Leaders July 2019

The contact center has become the inflection point for digital transformation in the enterprise. Companies must now compete by delivering innovative, flawless customer experiences. To accomplish this, the vast majority of enterprises are moving their contact centers to the cloud. Nearly half of the world’s contact centers have deployed cloud-based solutions and an additional third are in the process, according to IDC. I recently asked CX experts for their view on cloud migrations.

“What are the drivers of migrating contact centers to the cloud?”

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CX Thought Leaders March 2019

Digital transformation drives the need for the constant delivery of innovative customer experiences through software. DevOps has become one of the key levers for delivering customer experience features quickly and flawlessly. We recently asked CX thought leaders about DevOps and its impact on customer experience.

“How does DevOps accelerate the software delivery of customer experience?”

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Three Questions for George Skaryak, Cyara's Sales Chief

We’re often discussing customer engagement here on the Cyara blog. I recently sat down with the person who is Cyara’s front-line guy for engagement with our customers. Cyara just appointed George Skaryak as EVP of worldwide sales, a role in which he will be interacting with current and future customers across three continents. Right before he hopped on his next flight, I caught up with him to learn more about how he sees the CX market and Cyara’s role within it.

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12 Days of CX

To kick off the holiday season, Cyara is spreading some CX cheer, along with warm season’s greetings. And in the spirit of sharing, we’ve rounded up insights and perspective from both brands and customer experience (CX) experts. As we pulled together this roundup, we realized that, while the holidays come but once a year, delivering great CX is a year-round endeavor! 

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CX Thought Leaders

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage. It is being discussed throughout companies, from the contact center to the board room. For customer service and sales, AI is being implemented in chatbots, robotic process automation, virtual agents, and many more technologies. But the jury is not out on AI when it comes to customer experience. So we decided to ask CX thought leaders this question:

“How will AI impact customer experience?”

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