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Omnichannel Journeys: Their Moment is Finally Here

We all know that customers want and expect to have the context of their interactions with an organization carry with them as they move from one channel to another. According to Salesforce, 75% of consumers expect consistency across channels (Salesforce, State of the Connected Customer, 2016). And, 89% of customers get frustrated because they need to repeat their issue to multiple representatives (Accenture). Quite frankly, I wonder who are these people who don’t expect this consistency, and don’t get frustrated when they have to repeat themselves.

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Introducing Cyara 7.3: Omnichannel Testing and More

I couldn’t be more thrilled about Cyara 7.3. It’s packed with amazing new features aligning with two overarching themes:

  • Personalization: With our new omnichannel testing and test data management features, we make it easier to test personalized customer journeys, ensuring that data and context is passed from one channel to another, and that users can test journeys designed for different segments.
  • Global Reach: The other major theme is global reach — we can now make local calls in over 60 countries, enabling us to test toll-free numbers and monitor voice quality over local lines in a wide range of countries. We have also dramatically expanded our language support for our transcription services providing broader access to our discovery capability.
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Introducing Global In-Country Dialing

Businesses are increasingly operating in a global economy, and are looking to test and monitor their customer experience in countries around the world. In order to do this effectively and efficiently, you need the ability to dial numbers locally for the purposes of testing and monitoring. While of course you can dial numbers internationally, there are some limitations.

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Key Insights from CX18

I love Nashville. Over the years I’ve been to Nashville for three conferences, all at the Opryland Hotel. If you’ve never stayed at the Opryland Hotel, you’re in for a real treat — it’s like being in a terrarium. Enclosed, lush green grounds with winding paths. Why, there’s even an indoor boat ride!

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Best Practices in Performance Testing for CX Systems

At Cyara Xchange 2018 in March, I had the great privilege of hearing a presentation by two experts on performance testing of CX applications: Pete Dhadwar of Royal Bank of Canada and Chandra Golla of Cyara. In this blog post, I will share a few of their pearls of wisdom.

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Introducing Cyara 7.2

71% of organizations say that customer experience is a competitive differentiator (Dimension Data, 2017). That’s why CX Assurance is so important. And that’s why Cyara is laser focused on delivering the best CX Assurance solution available. Cyara 7.2 includes a wealth of enhancements, across the entire platform, that enable our clients to more effectively test and monitor their CX.

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Can You Hear Me Now? 4 Best Practices in Voice Quality Monitoring

We all know how frustrating it is when you can’t clearly hear the person on the other end of the phone line. How many times have you simply hung up on someone and called back to try and get a better connection? Well, it’s one thing to call back your friends, family, or colleagues. But, when you are calling your bank, insurance company or other business, you might lose your patience, hang up and never call back.

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Introducing Cyara 7.1 - Improved Monitoring for Flawless CX

Keeping your finger on the pulse of your customer experience is no easy feat. You have lots of moving parts, and things change rapidly. But at the same time, your CX is critical to your business success. That’s why I am so thrilled about the enhancements we are bringing to market in Cyara 7.1. While this release includes enhancements across the platform, our focus was on the monitoring capabilities found in Cyara Pulse. 

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Are You CX-y Enough for Your Customers?

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, a day that symbolizes love. And just as flowers and chocolate are the language of love for couples, the language of love between you and your customer is your CX.

What does your CX say about you? Do your customers find you CX-y? If you’re like most organizations, you don’t know. You know CX is a priority. You know you’ve invested in redesigning or upgrading your CX. But do you actually know how your customers feel about the CX you deliver? And, it’s no wonder so many of us don’t know how we’re doing — 96% of customers won’t tell organizations if they’ve had a bad experience.

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Push Notifications: The Best Way to Get Alerts

Keeping on top of your CX requires ongoing monitoring, with robust, flexible alerting capabilities. Today, many CX leaders are monitoring their CX applications with Cyara Pulse, and leveraging our dashboards to make it easy to see at a glance when something needs attention. To make sure our customers find out as quickly as possible when a problem occurs, we have robust, flexible alerting capabilities.

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