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Digital Transformation and DevOps: It's Not About Technology

Many organizations around the world are undertaking digital transformations in an effort to move with the times and meet consumer expectations. Working with Cyara's customers, the Domain Consulting team has found that this transformation most often involves a transformation in how they think about technology. In fact, I believe that is critical for achieving a successful transformation. And while you might think technology is essential, in this post I'd like to outline why I believe another factor, organizational change, is more important.

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The Case for Dual Feedback Loops in Agile/DevOps

Over the past few months, Cyara's Domain Consulting team has been sharing insights about DevOps/Agile trends we've identified while working with our customers. We wrote about the goals of CX leaders and identified a DevOps/Agile maturity scale for organizations. In this post, I'd like to cover a trend we've identified around feedback loops in the Agile/DevOps process. 

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Where Are You on the Agile/DevOps Maturity Scale?

Cyara's Domain Consulting team works with many organizations who are undertaking the DevOps journey. While we've talked a little about some of the challenges in adopting DevOps, I'd like to expand a little more on moving between stages of DevOps maturity and the difficulties it can present.

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The Benefits of Tests as Executable Documentation

Before joining Cyara, I built contact centers in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia for fifteen years. For two-thirds of that time, I was an architect. When I joined Cyara, I started doing some research on testing and the software development lifecycle. In a series of blog posts, of which this is the first, I will go through some of the things I learned and wish I had known and applied.


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Building a Test-centered DNA One Project at a Time

Every day all around the world, engineers and testers push new code live with a hope and a prayer because they know it hasn’t been thoroughly tested. They know the customers will probably find issues, but that’s what hot fixes are for, right?

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