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Going Agile at Cyara

Over the course of three days, in a tightly quartered conference room in Melbourne, Australia, eighteen of us across Cyara were trained in SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework). If you are not familiar with the term SAFe, Wikipedia defines it as “a set of organization and workflow patterns intended to guide enterprises in scaling lean and agile practices.” This framework was designed to help companies improve their alignment, collaboration, and delivery across software development teams. We had the terrific experts from Pretty Agile, including Em Campbell-Pretty, help guide us through the various processes, concepts, and frameworks.

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Embracing Agility at Anthem, Airbnb, and Capital Group

A couple of weeks ago, we were honored to host our inaugural Cyara Xchange conference up in San Francisco. It was such an energizing event where everyone was sharing best practices and war stories from the CX trenches. One of the highlights for me from the three days was the main stage panel titled, “Transforming Your Development Organization to Support an Agile World.” The panel included CX leaders from three of Cyara’s most innovative customers: Anil Ravula, Staff VP at Anthem, Mitch Glaser, Contact Center Systems Manager at Airbnb, and Mark Remington, VP of Application Services at Capital Group.

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