Embracing Change


Change -- it is a word I hear everyday in my role here at Cyara as a customer success manager. Change excites me. It used to scare me, but I have learned that if you can’t embrace change in technology then your business will not survive. This is why I am so excited to be a part of Cyara -- we are led by an amazing change agent, our CEO Alok Kulkarni. As Alok stated in his opening remarks at Xchange, “change is here, do it as a team.” At Xchange, we brought together an amazing team -- this includes Cyara employees and partners, but more importantly our fabulous clients. So many partners and clients have joined us at Xchange in San Francisco to share their thoughts and experiences on how to manage change and the role Cyara's automation plays in managing change.   

Are You Open to Change-written on a board with a business man on background



The action packed agenda covered a wide array of topics, including Disruption, cloud contact centers, and Agile and DevOps. At Xchange, I had the pleasure of listening to our clients share their real stories about CX disruption with agility. I heard from: 

  • AT&T on how they are managing their Agile transformation, how they are defining and measuring key performance indicators,  and how Agile is paying off
  • How Agero is delivering flawless omnichannel customer journeys at critical moments for their customers, and the results these innovative new journeys have on their business
  • How Freedom Financial is maximizing automation to accelerate their software development lifecycle
  • How Capital Group is connecting test automation results with other data to improve troubleshooting and reduce mean-time-to repair

Perhaps even more than the formal presentations were all the informal interactions I saw our clients engage in. Xchange was such a great opportunity for our clients to learn from each other and hear success stories, best practices and lessons learned, from one another. In all these interactions, the word “change” keeps popping up. In a good way! We are all embracing change. 

Learn more about Xchange at https://cyara.com/xchange/ where we have an event wrap-up available, including videos of keynotes, additional blog posts, and future plans. 


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