Cost, Effort & Risk Avoidance: 3 Ways Cyara Delivered a 334% ROI & Payback in Less than 3 Months


When a potential or current customer can’t reach your contact center, there is a lot at stake. You risk the loss of a sale, their dissatisfaction from not solving their problem, and worst of all, lose their trust. That’s the immediate negative effect, but unfortunately the damage doesn’t stop there. Surveys show that after just one bad service experience, more than half of consumers will stop using a brand, and that number gets even higher when it comes to Millennials. As if that weren’t bad enough, these frustrated, now ex-customers will spread the word about their negative experience to their friends and family, and will most likely turn to social media to share their frustration publicly.

You’ll never get the opportunity back to explain to a customer that a carrier network issue caused their call to disconnect. They won’t understand that the Black Friday sales you’re running or the Open Enrollment period has driven unprecedented volumes of calls or chats causing delays and slower handle times. And, with digitalization, consumers expect more and more… nay, they demand faster, more accurate, and always flawless service, regardless of the complexity behind delivering great experiences through your IVR and conversational AI channels. 

This is the plain and simple reason why organizations MUST test and monitor their contact center’s capacity to answer, handle, contain, route, and ultimately serve each and every customer with flawless CX. 

But it’s easy to say “you must test and monitor your contact center customer journeys.” The hard truth is that it’s costly, error-prone and time consuming to rely solely on manual efforts to test the platforms and technologies that make up your contact center infrastructure, like IVR, chatbots, agent routing, email, SMS and web chat. In fact, it's become THE impossible manual task to keep up with the testing that is needed as your infrastructure scales and grows. That’s exactly why we’re in the business of helping organizations automate the testing and monitoring of contact center customer experiences, from agent to customer and in every voice and digital interaction channel. Cyara's Automated CX Assurance Platform streamlines this process by generating calls and digital interactions to exercise and verify that your systems are working as intended, at any scale. 

Just how much could an investment in automating your IVR, conversational AI, and other contact center channel testing and monitoring benefit you in terms of time savings, cost savings, productivity and risk mitigation? 
To help our customers justify and reinforce the value of automated CX assurance, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study. Their methodology and the subsequent study provides a realistic, risk-adjusted current and future answer to what an investment like this can deliver. This document includes specific, quantified benefits that real customers have experienced since adopting the Cyara Platform, including numbers tied to ROI, time and cost savings in IVR and conversational AI channels, productivity increases and the value of reducing the risk of abandoned calls.

Here’s a sneak peak of the findings from the study which revealed that by investing in Cyara, a composite organization comprised of Cyara customers realized a:

  • 334% return on investment (ROI), with payback time of less than 6 months 
  • 90% increase in productivity tied to IVR development and testing
  • 70% acceleration of chatbot development
  • 90% recapture of abandoned callers
  • 50% increase in speed-to-market for IVR updates

The cost of losing customers and business because of poor CX is just too high to ignore, given the risks it brings to your bottom line, your development and testing efficiency and worst of all your brand reputation. We believe the new results presented in the 2023 Forrester TEI study demonstrate the quantified and unquantified benefits of Cyara’s CX Assurance Platform to simplify your testing and monitoring can greatly improve your ability to deliver flawless CX the your contact center, conversational AI or digital channels with less effort, cost, and risk.

To dig in and review the methodology, the results of the study, read actual customer quotes, and see the risk-adjusted, 3-year total time and cost savings potential, download the full Forrester TEI study here.