CX is the Lifeblood of all Enterprises


I recently met with a CIO of a major enterprise in the USA. One of the biggest victories for his team would be to stop taking escalation calls and sending apology emails every other Saturday when a production release took place and yet another bug made it past detection, and into production. More important than his personal frustration and that of the colleagues that had to escalate to him: the impact on end customers. They are the ones that suffer the most when defects make it into production. 


Customer Experience (CX) is the lifeblood of all enterprises. Getting it right is not optional: it is expected. For years, we have heard how important it is to wow customers, and delight them by going above and beyond their expectations. Delighting customers is great, but you need to make sure you cover the basics first. You need to make sure you meet their expectations, because if you miss them, no amount of dazzlement is going to retain customers, achieve positive NPS, or distinguish your brand in the market. If you miss delivering on basic expectations, you are DONE!

This is where Cyara comes in. Our solutions enable you to optimize your current development, testing, and release strategies to mitigate the risk of introducing flaws into your customer experiences. 

Also, the customer experiences you deliver continue to evolve and become more complex, involving more channels, and an increasing pace of change.  Improving your CX assurance strategies is key to delivering a flawless CX, while being able to deliver new CX capabilities rapidly.

And, if you want to be able to increase your release cycles, you need to be able to “fail fast, recover fast.” Cyara allows you to automate functional, regression and load testing, as well as ongoing monitoring, to levels not possible by manual means alone. This automation accelerates development cycles while improving quality, enabling you to minimize defects that go into production, and when they do, recover fast.  

Regardless of how you deliver service, it is imperative to have an automated testing solution, such as Cyara, to ensure you are delivering the right experience, based on proven design validation, and with the right escalations if anything deviates. If you are serious about testing sooner, more comprehensively, your development methodology is not that issue.  Waterfall, Agile, DevOPS, or any combination is enhanced by Cyara’s CX Assurance Platform.

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