Introducing Cyara 7.1 - Improved Monitoring for Flawless CX


Keeping your finger on the pulse of your customer experience is no easy feat. You have lots of moving parts, and things change rapidly. But at the same time, your CX is critical to your business success. That’s why I am so thrilled about the enhancements we are bringing to market in Cyara 7.1. While this release includes enhancements across the platform, our focus was on the monitoring capabilities found in Cyara Pulse. 

7.1 Exec Dashboard-1.jpeg

Cyara Pulse 

As you can see in this screen shot, we have enhanced the Cyara Pulse Executive Dashboard in several ways, making it more comprehensive, easier to identify trends, and more flexible.

Reporting on Digital Channel Metrics

As more and more of our customers are deploying digital channels like web chat, email and SMS, it’s increasingly important to assure these channels deliver on your customers’ expectations. Moreover, as customer journeys span channels, you’ll want to make sure that you can see the performance of all your channels in a single view.  The Executive Dashboard now has the ability to report on web, chat, email and SMS, providing at-a-glance visibility into the performance of your digital channels so you can quickly identify and troubleshoot problems regardless of what channel they occur. And, because you can see channels side by side, you can understand your CX performance holistically.   

New Visualizations for MOS, Confidence Scores and Response Times

It’s not enough to simply see if something failed to meet a threshold. Wouldn’t it be even better if you could identify trends, see where performance is degrading, and fix a problem before it even happens? That’s precisely why we developed these powerful new visualizations showing trends for customer and agent MOS scores, speech recognition confidence scores, and response times. These visualizations bring the data to life, and make it easy to identify when your performance has begun to degrade over time.  

Multiple Executive Dashboards 

Pulse also now enables you to build and display multiple dashboards per account so you can create dashboards for different users, departments, business units or channels. This makes sure that each team member is equipped with the information they need for their role.

New Android Application 

Last summer, we released the iOS version of the Cyara mobile application, which features a mobile-optimized Executive Dashboard. Naturally, we immediately had customers clamoring for the Android version. So, in this release, we now have the Android version of our mobile application. Moreover, we have enhanced the iOS mobile application to support biometric authentication – both Touch ID and Face ID.   

Cyara Velocity, Cruncher and Platform

Beyond Pulse, we delivered some powerful enhancements to other parts of the platform.  

Account Level, Real-Time Port Usage

We enhanced Cruncher with a new report that provides account level, real-time port usage, allowing users to see, in real-time, the state of the Cyara voice ports they have reserved for the running campaigns. The report includes connected, dialing, disconnected, aborted, as well as the reserved port count. This new feature displays a graph showing the status of running campaigns that is updated every 5 seconds.

This empowers our customers, as well as Cyara and 3rd party service teams to more easily track their performance tests, improving their ability to track projects. 

Transcriber for Australian English 

Cyara Velocity now supports Australian English in its transcription capabilities, including IVR Discovery as well as auto-transcription for the expect-to-hear field in test cases. For all our Australian clients, or clients with presence in Australia, this new capability can dramatically reduce the amount of time required to write and update test cases, now with high accuracy for Australian accents. 

Login Page Announcements on Cyara Portal 

Having a good means to communicate with our customers is key to facilitating success. To that end, we enhanced the login page for the hosted Cyara Portal with the ability for us to share valuable information about key topics our users need, such as product information and upcoming training and events.

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