Introducing Cyara 7.2


71% of organizations say that customer experience is a competitive differentiator (Dimension Data, 2017). That’s why CX Assurance is so important. And that’s why Cyara is laser focused on delivering the best CX Assurance solution available. Cyara 7.2 includes a wealth of enhancements, across the entire platform, that enable our clients to more effectively test and monitor their CX.



This release enhances span our capabilities from design-driven assurance  through to monitoring. And, while we delivered a great many improvements, a few highlights stand out: 

  • Pulse (monitoring) has been enhanced to automate troubleshooting, and to more easily share data with other systems
  • Integrated CX-AX testing in Velocity (design-driven assurance) is now generally available
  • CX Models (platform) now include additional details, improving the ability to automatically generate test cases

Cyara Pulse 

This release features two key enhancements in 7.2 for Cyara Pulse: automated troubleshooting and an open framework for data sharing.

  • Automated Troubleshooting: You can now trigger a test case to run based on the failure of another test case. This enables users to confirm the validity of a failure, determine if the source of an issue is the network carrier or an internal issue, and isolate the root cause of a failure.
  • Open Framework. This release includes several features aimed at improving the ability to share data from Pulse with other systems. First, is an improved API to support feeds of Executive Dashboard data into other applications such as custom or third-party dashboards. Second, is the ability to push the detection and clearing of alerts to almost any system with a web API, such as Slack. And finally, we now publish Cyara Reference numbers to other systems (e.g., ServiceNow) either when an alarm is triggered, or when the alarm is cleared.

Cyara Velocity 

In February, we released Cyara 7.1 which included a beta release of our ability to manage testing of the customer experience (CX) and agent experience (AX) in a very tightly integrated fashion. In this release, we have made this functionality generally available. Now our customers can easily design test cases for journeys that span self-service and agent-assisted service and gain deep, unified insight into the performance of the IVR, call routing and data passing, all in a single view.

Cyara Platform 

With Cyara 7.0, we released a new version of the CX Model, our visual representation of the customer journey. This functionality is a lynchpin of our approach to design-driven assurance, and will continue to be an area of investment.

In Cyara 7.2, we improved the CX Models to include details around thresholds for time and confidence, as well as the selection of the method for compliance. These are all key details required for testing, and inclusion of this information in the CX Models is key to improving our ability to automatically create test cases from the CX Models – a crucial capability in design-driven assurance. 

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