Introducing Cyara 7.3: Omnichannel Testing and More


I couldn’t be more thrilled about Cyara 7.3. It’s packed with amazing new features aligning with two overarching themes:

  • Personalization: With our new omnichannel testing and test data management features, we make it easier to test personalized customer journeys, ensuring that data and context is passed from one channel to another, and that users can test journeys designed for different segments.
  • Global Reach: The other major theme is global reach — we can now make local calls in over 60 countries, enabling us to test toll-free numbers and monitor voice quality over local lines in a wide range of countries. We have also dramatically expanded our language support for our transcription services providing broader access to our discovery capability.

The 7.3 release offers new capabilities across the Cyara CX Assurance PlatformLet’s dive into these features in more detail below.  

New Marketecture

Cyara Velocity: Omnichannel Testing 

Just like I was secretly my mother’s favorite child, omnichannel testing is secretly my favorite feature in this release. Why, you ask? Because the time has come when brands are finally getting serious about connecting customer journeys, ensuring that data and context is passed across channels.

Consumers expect consistency across channels. In fact, according to Salesforce’s State of the Connected Customer report, 75% of consumers strongly agree or agree they expect companies to provide a consistent experience wherever they engage with them.

Yet today, brands are largely not connecting data across channels today. Only 30% of brands have most or all channels connected. But, it’s clearly an acknowledged gap, as within two years, 80% of brands expect to have most or all of their channels connected.  We have recognized this trend from our work with our customers and have taken a major step in enabling Velocity for omnichannel testing.

Over the last few years we have added support in a variety of digital channels, including web chat, chatbots, email, and SMS. But, these channels were still tested separately from one another. This new feature makes it possible to test journeys in Velocity that span and hop multiple channels. In the first release of this feature, you can test journeys that start in voice, and move to a digital channel. Now, voice test cases can invoke web/chat and SMS test cases, enabling you to test journeys that span and hop across channels. In a subsequent release, we will expand this feature to test journeys that start in a digital channel.

Cyara Platform: Centralized Test Data Management 

To make it easier to share test data across multiple test cases, we have created a platform feature that enables you to upload and manage test data centrally.

With this new capability, you can import CSV files to create a dataset, and export datasets back to CSV. Once the dataset has been added to Test Data, it is available to be attached to any data-driven Test Case. You can see lists of all the datasets, when and by whom they were modified, and which Test Cases use that dataset.   

This new feature was designed for maximum flexibility to support a wide array of use cases. Common scenarios that this feature supports are management of test datasets that represent personas (e.g. Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Line-of-Business), order status (pending, placed, shipped, etc.), payment methods (credit card, bank transfer, etc.), and much, much more.

Cyara Platform: Global In-Country Dialing

With our new Global In-Country Dialing feature, we dramatically increase the locations where we can make local calls for the purposes of testing toll-free numbers, voice quality over the local network, and more. With support for over 60 countries, we have the most countries of any vendor on the market. I’ve already written a blog post on Global In-Country Dialing, so click here, if you want to learn more. 

Other Enhancements

Other Velocity Enhancements include:

  • Making it easier to delete nodes in the CX Model Editor. Now, you can choose whether to delete a node with or without the child nodes. When you select without child nodes, you then reassign the children to a new parent.
  • Broader language support for transcription services that are used in our IVR Discovery and automatic transcription of Expect-to-Hear fields. 

In Pulse you can now manage permissions on Executive Dashboards at the user level  Now in Cyara 7.3, you are able to manage user access to specific dashboards. This will enable you to restrict access based on user role, department, channel, etc.

Other Platform enhancements include: 

  • Ability to better test confirmation prompts (e.g. “I think you said reservations, is that correct?”) via a new optional speech tag
  • Ability to filter out percolation noise via a new sensitivity tag

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