Cyara, a Perfect Fit for Agile Development


Cyara-Agile-Circle.jpgA recent article, “Agile – A Perfect Fit for Today’s Business Challenges,” published by summarizes the results of a Forrester survey of over 200 IT leaders regarding their adoption of agile computing methods.

Several reasons for this adoption are cited, but the most frequently mentioned were:

  • Speeds time-to-market and yields better quality results
  • Enables early detection of issues and mid-course corrections
  • Improves IT alignment with business goals and customer satisfaction

Cyara and Agile Development

These three primary reasons for adoption correspond so closely to Cyara’s core values that you could say Agile computing methods are built into the Cyara DNA.

In a recent executive interview with CRMXchange, Alok Kulkarni, CEO of Cyara pointed out that, “The Cyara Platform’s API seamlessly integrates with Agile frameworks, which enables rapid innovation at scale.”

Business and Technology Alignment

Back to the Forrester survey, 52% of executives and technology budget decision-makers consider technology very important for their innovation and business models. The article cited Agile’s ability to address the issue of business value by enabling organizations to:

  • Break problems into smaller chunks to offer more opportunity for business impact
  • Measure feature delivery based on business value; for example, user stories can be prioritized on value and cost
  • Take advantage of the disruption that Agile adoption can bring by changing old habits and creating news ways to look at challenges

In a report naming Cyara as a Gartner Cool Vendor in CRM, Customer Service and Customer Support 2015, Gartner said, “As customer behavior evolves, frequent changes in a customer engagement center are necessary, although managing change can be a challenge.” One recommendation is to “deploy agile testing technologies to test load and functionality changes at any time in the customer service environment.”

Agile and the Pace of Business Change

According to the article, “Faster, more predictable ways of creating and changing application functionality are no longer a 'nice to have' – they decide which firms will survive and which will not.” This corresponds to the Cyara mantra of, “Test early, test often.” 

“What we are seeing enterprises grapple with today is constant change in a multi-vendor ecosystem where they have to deliver changes fast, flawlessly and at scale,” Kulkarni said in a recent video interview with Erik Linsk of Kulkarni explained that Cyara helps customers to innovate rapidly and at scale with confidence by lowering the risk of customer-facing defects by as much as 70%. “Also, Cyara’s process is to test early and test often, which reduces time in defect by identifying the cause of an issue — quickly saving customers both time and money,” he added.

Choose Agile for Innovation

The article states, “ Remember, Agile techniques shine where innovation and changing techniques are part of the business model.” With the constant changes required in today’s contact center’s, Agile is a natural fit.

Cyara’s Customer Experience Innovation Lifecycle (CXIL) methodology includes specific steps for innovation that correspond to Agile development. “In fact, Cyara customers innovate 40% to 70% faster than their peers,” Kulkarni says.

Cyara is the world’s fastest-growing provider of an omni-channel customer experience testing, discovery and monitoring platform. If you would like to know more about how we can help you innovate more rapidly and at scale with confidence, contact us at