Cyara and Genesys Reach Another Milestone


An Invaluable Partnership for CX Assurance in the Cloud Migration Journey

At Cyara, partnerships have always been central to our business model. Customer experience (CX) assurance is multifaceted, and you need a whole lot of gears turning together in sync to deliver at the highest level. When we partner with other brands, it’s because we know it will elevate and enhance CX delivery for both our customers and our partners’ customers alike.

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Some of those partnerships go back so far that they’re almost built into our identity as a company. Genesys is one of those. For years, Genesys Cloud CX and Multi-Cloud CX and Cyara have worked together seamlessly to ensure smooth cloud migration and assure high-quality CX for countless global brands.

This partnership has proven especially fruitful lately. Cyara has been the top revenue-generating Expert Application for Genesys’ Professional Services Expert Application program for three years running. 

Why is this partnership so central to Cyara’s model? And why has this partnership proven so beneficial for both businesses? Here’s a look at the answers.

Why Has Genesys Been So Successful?

Genesys has been a leader in the cloud contact center market for years. As more companies feel the urgency of moving their brick-and-mortar services to the cloud, Genesys Cloud CX and Multi-Cloud CX continues to answer the bell by delivering stellar results. 

Here are just a few highlights of what Genesys Cloud CX and Multi-Cloud CX does:

  • On average, call centers that select Genesys Cloud CX and Multi-Cloud CX achieve 571% ROI.
  • Companies that use Genesys for cloud services save roughly $2 million in hardware, software and scaling costs.
  • Genesys Cloud CX and Multi-Cloud CX users experience a 25% boost in productivity thanks to its intuitive user interface.

One of the reasons Genesys has been so successful is that the company has stayed ahead of the curve in terms of how it approaches software development and the services it provides. Jack Nichols, Vice President of cloud product management at Genesys, summed up the Genesys mentality well at our XChange Virtual Summit last year: 

“Experiment often and don't be afraid to try new things.” 

That mindset, which very much represents an agile approach, has served the company well. Because it leaves the entire software development process open to experimentation and change, Genesys has been able to steadily improve its product over the years.

Why Genesys + Cyara?

That mindset forms the foundation for our partnership with Genesys, as the same kind of agile, DevOps mentality is central to how we approach CX assurance at Cyara. To truly understand why our two brands have worked together so well, though, you have to look at the complexities of cloud migration.

No matter how critical the cloud is to modern-day contact center success — and no matter how effective a cloud solution you have — the process of migrating legacy contact center systems is fraught with difficulties.

Many call centers jump into the migration journey without proper planning, and they soon find there are far more roadblocks than they anticipated. Missing IVR data and documentation, human error, system failures, and delays due to reliance on outdated manual testing systems — all of these can cause significant setbacks, resulting in nine to 12 months (or more) of cloud migration delay.

That’s where Cyara comes into play. With the Cyara CX Assurance Platform, call centers can overcome these obstacles and speed up the process of migrating to Genesys Cloud CX and Multi-Cloud CX. Cyara assists with CX design, IVR discovery, functional and regression testing, voice quality testing, load testing and production monitoring.

Brands that use Cyara for their Genesys Cloud CX and Multi-Cloud CX journey:

  • Are between 40% and 70% faster to market
  • Reduce test times by two- or threefold
  • Have 90% test coverage to ensure all CX channels function properly after migration

By combining Cyara with Genesys Cloud CX and Multi-Cloud CX, many of our shared customers have achieved far greater benefits than they would have otherwise. Leading global logistics brand Pitney Bowes, for instance, expanded automated testing across seven cloud-based IVRs while shaving 40% off its testing time. Another global brand, this one a leader in consumer appliances, throttled its testing process — for an IVR that covered more than 27 languages – from 14 days to overnight.

A Thriving Partnership

These are just a few of the customer stories that highlight the value and explain the success of this partnership. Cyara was the first Genesys partner to provide a CX assurance solution, and our status as a top-revenue generating app for the past three years has only cemented the important relationship between our two companies.

Whether you’re using Genesys’ Cloud CX or Multicloud CX solution, Cyara provides the design, testing and monitoring solutions you need to make your transition to the cloud as effective as possible. Learn more about Cyara Accelerator and how this invaluable partnership can benefit your business.