Cyara Partners with Splunk to Help Resolve CX Issues Up to 10x Faster


Organizations are constantly looking to improve their customer experience (CX). While the contact center has always played a key role in this, since we’ve been in this global pandemic, the contact center has become the place where consumers interact with organizations. And contact centers depend on complex technology to deliver that great CX. Technology which, from time to time, fails – resulting in issues such as outages, poor voice quality, prompting errors, dropped calls and delays. When it does, it’s imperative to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.


Why did we partner?

The need to quickly troubleshoot failures in complex contact center technology ecosystems is why we built an integration with Splunk, which was announced in September of 2019. We recognize that many of our customers rely on Splunk’s Data-to-Everything® Platform, so the integration with Splunk was a no-brainer for us. This integration enables Cyara’s “outside in” approach to CX validation to feed data into Splunk in real-time, where it can be analyzed and correlated with other “inside-out” views of data sources like leading contact center platforms such as AWS or Genesys, all in Splunk. The combination of these data sets accelerates root-cause analysis and incident resolution.

Introducing, the Cyara PulseTM App for Splunk

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we are building on that first phase of integration with a new Cyara Pulse App for Splunk, available on Splunkbase. This new app builds on the data feed from the first phase of our integration with a set of out-of-the-box dashboards that enable you to trend Cyara data over time, in both the short- and long-term. These dashboards provide flexible visualizations to show which customer journeys are failing, common issues impacting CX, business unit performance and more. In addition, structuring the data feed from Cyara to Splunk enables users of the App get a running start on putting that data to work for them by combining Cyara data with other data sources.

Users of the Cyara Pulse app for Splunk can customize their own dashboards by leveraging the source code included in the app. This makes it easier for organizations to get a combined view, for instance one that combines data from Cyara with data from Amazon Connect or Genesys, making it quicker and easier to get the kind of correlations that can help to pinpoint the root cause of an incident.

The Cyara-Splunk integration includes these features:


  • Real-time test case details, results and full test reports automatically pushed to Splunk from Cyara as soon as reports are recorded
  • A Cyara Pulse App for Splunk that includes a set of dashboards that show Cyara trending over time, and can also be used as configurable templates to customize and shape data
  • Interactive drill-down functionality enables quick navigation from executive Pulse Overview to detailed test results
  • Single-click seamless pivots from Splunk back to Cyara Pulse interface


For More Information:

The Cyara Pulse App for Splunk is currently available on Splunkbase, and pre-requisites include a subscription to Cyara Pulse and Splunk. Visit our Splunk partnership page for more information on the Cyara-Splunk integration, and visit Splunkbase to download the app.

Or, if you’d like to discuss this integration with your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager, contact us.