Cyara + Spearline: Better Together


Bringing Unparalleled Expertise to Customer Experience Assurance

What do you get when you combine a mix of industry-leading, CX assurance and global communication testing companies? A future with more flawless customer experiences.

And it is that future that has me so excited about Cyara’s acquisition of Spearline, which we announced today.

This is yet another step in our journey to provide the world’s most comprehensive CX assurance solution. As workplaces have changed with an increase in remote and hybrid workers, enterprises have moved their contact center and unified communications to the cloud. And, these new cloud platforms natively include capabilities that address the way consumers want to engage with brands today, such as AI-based chatbots, video, and omnichannel orchestration. 

In 2022, we acquired Botium which added chatbot and conversational AI testing tto better serve emerging large language model (LLM) based technology like ChatGPT, Google Bard and Bing Search. Today, with our acquisition of Spearline, we’ve opened up opportunities to provide even more complete support to customers, helping them to achieve their business objectives by ensuring the reliability and quality of their communication networks, including WebRTC, VoIP, fixed-line and cellular.

Who is Spearline?

Founded in 2003, Spearline is the leader in testing of communication networks, ensuring flawless interactions by testing, monitoring, and benchmarking voice and video-based communications. 

Spearline’s flagship solution, Voice Assure, is the most comprehensive global in-country dialing solution with: 

  • In-country testing in more than 80 countries
  • Interstate testing for the US and Canada
  • Dialing from mobile- and land-lines 
  • 200+ points of presence
  • Global coverage with over 250 carriers 

Spearline is also the leading provider of WebRTC testing solutions. As more companies move their contact centers and unified communications infrastructures to the cloud, the need for a more comprehensive set of assurance solutions has never been more crucial. With Spearline’s recent acquisition of the business line from 8x8 as well as the acquisition of testRTC, these investments support the testing and monitoring needs of companies looking to adopt WebRTC-based cloud communications platforms. 

Why Did Cyara Acquire Spearline?

This acquisition enables us to expand our portfolio to offer the broadest suite of CX Assurance services on the market. Spearline provides a range of testing solutions that help organizations to monitor and improve the performance of their voice, video and messaging services.  

  • In Country Dialing. Voice Assure is the world’s leading global dialing solution, enabling customers to place calls in over 80+ countries, through 200+ points of presence and over 250 carriers. Not only does Spearline’s Voice Assure allow organizations to place calls in-country, it also supports interstate dialing in the US and Canada, as well as mobile dialing. 
  • Expanded market. The Spearline customer base looks very similar to Cyara. But, in addition to serving the Contact Centers within large enterprises, Spearline solutions address the challenges of Unified Communications and Collaborations teams. This is a new market for Cyara, and enables us to assure a wider array of the needs of our customers.  
  • Testing of Cloud Communications Platforms. Enterprises are moving both their contact center and unified communications platforms to the cloud. And, these new web-based voice and video solutions are built on the WebRTC protocol making Spearline’s market-leading WebRTC testing capabilities key to addressing the assurance needs for businesses moving their communications solutions to the cloud. 

But it’s not just the Spearline solutions that have me so excited about this acquisition, they also bring:

  • 200+ customers, with very similar profiles to the Cyara customer base.
  • A shared passion for our customer success, which is core to Cyara’s culture and can be seen in our strong customer retention rates and outstanding NPS scores of over 65 – when the industry standard of “50” is considered “excellent.” 
  • Approximately 180 employees, giving Cyara + Spearline combined the largest team in the CX Assurance industry.

Together, our companies will bring a level of expertise that has been unseen in customer experience assurance.

What This Partnership Means to You

The melding of our two companies will offer a substantial expansion of our solutions to current and future customers. We’ll continue to offer the same capabilities in our existing portfolio and there will be no disruption to existing customers from either company. Businesses will now be able to rely on Cyara as a true “one-stop shop” for automated customer experience assurance across every channel.

What’s Next?

Overall, the acquisition of Spearline represents an exciting new chapter for Cyara as we address the needs of the rapidly-evolving world of customer experience and communication network testing. With a strong focus on our customers’ success and a commitment to delivering reliable, accurate testing data, we are well-positioned to support organizations across various industries and geographies.

Cyara, combined with our acquisitions of Spearline and Botium, offers unmatched excellence in the customer experience assurance category with the ability to assure communications across voice, web, mobile, chatbot, video and WebRTC. Stay tuned for more updates as we are just getting started! 

You can learn more about this acquisition in our press release and visit our website for additional information. 

Welcome to the Cyara family, Spearline!