Do You Know What's Hidden in Your IVR? Finding out Will Improve Your CX



As part of a recent IVR migration project, a Cyara customer needed a better understanding about their existing call flows as well as updated documentation. Cyara's solution for the customer was to use Crawler®, our automated IVR discovery and mapping tool.Crawler_icon.png

Crawler is designed to ‘Crawl’ your IVR to discover what’s there and create an interactive, visual map you can navigate, edit, and explore. It also creates documentation you can use for development. Using DTMF, Crawler works by dialing the number for an IVR application and recording and transcribing the menu prompts. Extracting the available options, Crawler places subsequent calls and progressively records the paths through the IVR and produces an interactive map. Crawler can also pause and alert an operator when human intervention is needed to enter data; for example, an ID, PIN, or zip code.

After a successful customer project last year, the Cyara Professional Services team saw Crawler as a perfect tool for optimizing and improving the customer's IVR migration project.

The customer's challenges included:

  • Out of date, unmaintained documentation
  • Uncertainty about call flows

The customer's goals were to improve the customer experience they were providing by:

  • Understanding their existing call flows
  • Consolidating and reducing duplicate support phone numbers in use
  • Being able to reuse existing call flows if applicable
  • Creating better documentation

The Cyara Professional Services team ran a Crawl before the IVR migration began, which revealed what was in the customer's call flows. This allowed the customer to begin simplifying and reducing the number of phone numbers in use — there were many duplicates serving the same purpose. More Crawls were run to different depths of the IVR; some Crawled to two or three levels, while the deepest went to six. So far, the customer has been able to reduce the phone numbers available from 100 to ten. 

The Professional Services team also documented the customer experience provided during both business hours and after hours, meaning it was checked twice. This would be a prohibitively time-consuming task if it was done manually. 


While the migration project is ongoing, the customer has already seen a number of benefits, including:

Call flow documentation in PDF format: the customer didn't have the data in this format before. It is now more readable and easier to maintain.

Visibility into the customer experience: the insight provided by Crawler exposed issues with the CX.

Time savings: without Crawler, someone would have to take the time to manually test the call flows. This would involve dialing each number multiple times to follow one path and keeping track of the results — a time-consuming and intricate task. Crawler has already saved the customer time, and allowed staff to focus on higher value tasks associated with the migration.


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