CX & DevOps Reading (and Viewing!) List


There is so much great content published on CX, Agile and DevOps, and in every edition of our CX Assurance Newsletter, I include a list of interesting articles, videos and other content that are relevant to our readers. I find these pieces in CX industry newsletters, on LinkedIn, and a variety of other places. No matter where I find them, my goal is always to help Cyara's community of CX Assurance professionals deliver the best CX they can.

Below is a list with a summary of the recent content I curated for our readers. Take a look!

Businessman drinking coffee and reading news in cafe

Agile at Scale (Harvard Business Review)

This is an in-depth guide to adopting and implementing Agile at scale that features several useful real-world examples. This will be helpful for many of Cyara's customers, who are embarking or about to embark on Agile journeys.

Making DevOps a Reality — Bringing in Security: Top 4 Topics (

An informative article and webinar on how organizations are integrating security into their development processes. Security is increasingly a concern, but is often left out of the planning process.

Four Principles to Ease the Transition to Experimentation-Driven Development (Which50)

This piece suggests that organizations looking to develop their experimentation (or "Test and Learn") culture should adopt four principles: humility, velocity, incrementalism, and focus.

CX Competency & Maturity Models (Temkin Group)

Watch this video from Temkin Group to understand more about their CX Competency & Maturity Models and how organizations move through six stages of customer experience maturity.

Memes and Phonemes: "Yanny or Laurel?" Shows Why Accurate Speech Recognition Isn't Easy (Speech Technology Magazine)

More than just an internet furore, the recent "Yanny or Laurel?" debate can help organizations understand the teachable moments of this phenomenon of different people listening to the same thing at the same time but hearing something completely different.

The Recent NPS Debate — What You Should Really Know (Forrester)

Read Forrester's take on recent debates over whether NPS is a useful metric. Which side of the argument do you sit on?

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