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Look "Beyond the Sale" to Realize the True Value of Automated Testing

How’s your testing going?

As call centers try to keep pace in the age of digital transformation, the demand for robust, fast and flexible CX testing and monitoring is growing just as rapidly. The shift to cloud-based technology makes contact centers more agile and scalable, but it opens the door for a multitude of new CX problems if it’s not supported with a thorough, automated testing program.

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Automation is essential because of the scope of these new testing demands — there’s just too much to test for any manual process to effectively accomplish. And that leads call center executives to look for the right automation platform to execute their testing at a higher level.

What call centers need, though, is more than a platform. They need a partner who can help them ensure seamless testing execution and provide end-to-end customer support as they make their digital transitions. And that’s where Cyara stands apart.

The Headaches of Testing Without Robust Support

There’s no denying that contact centers are being swept up in the currents of digital change. Look no further than the pandemic-fueled shift toward cloud-based call centers to see that.

As Gartner reported, only 10% of call centers had migrated to the cloud in 2019. This year (2022), half of them will have made the switch. That shift is enabling more companies to connect remote workers with customers all over the globe, but it also makes the infrastructure supporting the customer journey infinitely more complex. Contact centers that make the move soon discover that they need to develop testing systems and processes that far outstrip anything they’ve done before  . This is especially true — and presents a critical challenge — for organizations that have relied on manual testing processes until now.

Implementing a large-scale, automated testing and monitoring program is a much bigger task than many business owners and managers realize. Most expect that they can run a few tests during and after cloud migration and get up and running. In reality, they’ll need to implement an entirely new approach to testing, one that integrates it as an ongoing part of the software development cycle.

If you step into this new frontier without the right partner for your automated testing needs, you’ll end up frustrated and overwhelmed. There are countless testing tools out there, but a tool by itself doesn’t necessarily provide a complete solution.

Consider one Cyara client, a global bank, that attempted to upgrade its contact center with a different provider before switching to Cyara. The process began with inadequate training. Soon, their transition team found that they didn’t have enough visibility into the testing to understand what was happening or how it worked, meaning they couldn’t truly own the process and run with it themselves.

That financial client isn’t alone in its struggles. Without a cohesive and complete solution, teams like theirs remain siloed, performing isolated tests and unable to gain a clear view of the entire testing process. To make matters worse, many who try various platforms find they aren’t customizable for their specific industries or that they simply don’t have the support they need to see the project through. Quality assurance (QA) teams often become overwhelmed, and project overruns soon follow. Sadly, it’s a common story.

How Cyara Delivers Smiles at Scale

Thankfully, though, it doesn’t have to be your story. Cyara isn’t just an award-winning CX assurance platform . We’re a true partner in your digital transformation journey. As we always say, it’s our mission to deliver “smiles at scale.” We do that by keeping our software and service solutions distinct in the following six ways.

1. Agile Execution

The Cyara Platform is built on the Agile methodology. It shifts testing left earlier in the development process, which enables you to discover issues much sooner and correct them before they become bigger problems. With Cyara’s load and performance testing solution, for instance, you can load test all your CX channels as often as needed. If you practice or are looking to practice CI/CD on a continuous basis, this ensures you address issues long before your customers have to deal with them.

Cyara’s design-driven CX testing solution allows you to automatically generate test cases to run against your design specifications. You can run those tests across channels to assess the full omnichannel customer journey, from SMS to email to web chat and more.

All of this is possible through automation instead of brute-force manual labor. You gain more insights into your CX while enabling your team to focus its energy on developing new and better solutions.

2. Customizable Solutions

No two industries are the same, and even businesses within the same industry may have radically different automated testing and monitoring needs. Cyara is built with this in mind, so you can customize the solutions you leverage for your business.

When you start working with us, you decide which Platform capabilities you need and how you want to use them. Our suite of automated CX assurance products can integrate with a wide range of existing contact center platforms, software development tools, and other technologies, like Microfocus ALM for test management, Splunk for IT monitoring, and ServiceNow for incident management. Plus, our monitoring and testing dashboards are customizable, allowing each team member to see exactly what they need and tune out the noise.

3. Intuitive Interface

Unfortunately, many CX tools aren’t designed for the people who actually use them. They’re made for developers instead of the business analysts that need to review and understand the results. That means the process of developing and testing CX journeys is too often bogged down by extra rounds of code translation and redevelopment.

In contrast, Cyara is designed for the end user. Instead of asking your team to lay out your customer journey in complex system code, you can simply map it visually. The Cyara Platform automatically builds regression tests you need straight from those visual models, before developers ever write a line of code.

This is true on the other end of the process, too. When the test results come in, anyone on the team can easily review and understand what happened without the need for code or scripting translation. Reports are created in plain English (or whatever language you need), making it much easier to troubleshoot and make changes on the fly.

4. Extensive Training

This is where Cyara takes automated CX assurance beyond merely providing contact centers with a CX testing and monitoring solution. Ultimately, any solution is only as helpful as your ability to use it. To that end, we provide in-depth training alongside decades of industry expertise to give you and your team a comprehensive understanding of the system and how it works.

Cyara Academy offers a variety of training options to suit your needs. Join live training sessions with instructors in person or virtually, learn at your own pace online, or browse our library of on-demand training videos. You can even become a Cyara Certified Expert and train your entire staff.

5. Support at Every Stage

Front-end training alone isn’t enough to ensure long-term success. Our customer support team understands that, so they will never leave you on your own to figure out the Platform.  It’s their mission to make sure you get maximum value out of your investment.

When you become a Cyara client, we dedicate a customer success manager (CSM) to serve as your champion with Cyara. Your CSM is there to help you ensure a seamless platform adoption, help you define and meet your success milestones and objective, and share your feedback with internal teams so that we can continue to improve our products and services. For the banking client we mentioned earlier, this was the true differentiating factor that ultimately spurred them to make the switch to Cyara.

And, if you need additional help or guidance tailoring our solution to your organization's demands, Cyara's Expert Services is available to provide the professional expertise you need to customize everything to fit your business. You’ll have a dedicated team of consultants to evaluate your existing testing practices, identify the resources you’ll need, and guide you on your journey toward an automated CX solution.

6. Real CX Improvements

None of these distinctive features would mean anything if they didn’t each contribute to the result you want most for your business: real improvements to your customer experience. With Cyara, you can rest assured you’ll have a substantial return on your investment.

Deliver seamless omnichannel customer journeys . Assure contact center agents can deliver quality experiences to customers through crystal clear voice quality interactions, even while working from unstable work environments like home or offshore. Ensure systems can stand up to variable volumes with fewer defects. Catch any issues that slip into your live production environment so you can correct them quickly. And do it all with comprehensive support from our team.

Automate Your CX Testing and Monitoring with Ease

When you’re looking for a complete, automated testing and monitoring solution to assure quality customer experience for your call center, you may find various single-purpose tools on the market that can answer one or a few of your particular requirements. Remember, though, to evaluate your options based not only on technology, but also on things like ease of use, time to value, scalability and completeness of coverage. Consider, too, whether the solution you choose will fit well within your existing contact center ecosystem, and whether it will transition with you if you’re planning on migrating to the cloud or adopting a more agile or continuous testing approach. Cyara can help you accomplish these goals with all the right training, resources, and support.

Any platform is only as good as its provider. No matter your business’s size or industry, Cyara is committed to being a true partner in helping you meet your CX goals, achieve successful digital transformation, and make your customers smile.

Interested in learning more about our award-winning platform and services? Contact us today.