The 5 Stages of Customer Experience Maturity


Customer experience: some enterprises excel at it, some do a good job, and others are still working at it. But at this point, the vast majority of enterprises know that offering good CX can be the difference between keeping and losing a customer.

Over the last decade of working with the world's leading brands, we've identified 5 key stages of CX maturity. We've seen enterprises at all stages on the CX Maturity Continuum below.

Those in the first two stages are typically remediating issues with their CX or starting to enhance it. Moving to the right, efforts to add and optimize channels also represent enhancement as well as innovation and disruption. The ultimate aim for any enterprise should be to innovate and disrupt, and be "Raising the Bar". 

CX Maturity Curve.png

The CX Maturity Continuum


The 5 stages of CX maturity are:


1. Stop the Bleeding

At this stage, CX is not a focus area for an enterprise, which quite often means customers are leaving. They may even be complaining publicly about the poor CX they encounter.

2. Basic CX

At this stage, an enterprise is making some efforts with their CX, but they could be doing a lot more.

3. Expanding Channels

Having covered the basics, an enterprise is adding more channels, or customer touch points, to the CX mix at this stage. 

4. Optimizing Channels

Here, the enterprise is actively working to improve their CX and sees it as a key focus area.

5. Raising the Bar

This is the most advanced stage of CX maturity; enterprises at this level are exemplars in the provision of CX. Often, they are innovators and disruptors in their field.

Where is your enterprise on the CX Maturity Continuum?

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