Guest Post by Forty 7 Ronin: 3 Key Takeaways on IVR Testing and Performance


We recently teamed up with Cyara, a leading provider of customer experience (CX) assurance solutions, to host a joint webinar titled CX Assurance at the Speed of Innovation.

forty7ronin.pngThe purpose? To share our insights on how to deliver a powerful customer experience through IVRs and multi-channel innovation. You can check out the webinar in its entirety here, but we’ve broken it down into three key takeaways you can use to begin fine-tuning your customer experience right away. Let’s take a look.

1. Customer Expectations Are Increasing

Elizabeth Magill, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Cyara, says it’s not enough to simply create a superior product. Today’s customers expect all services related to that product to be delivered with an excellent, seamless customer experience — and they’re willing to pay more to get it. Nearly 86% of customers would accept increased costs to get the service they feel they deserve. And a recent survey on customer expectations shows that companies with strong customer experience delivery achieve an 89% customer retention rate. This means that companies should be treating CX as a critical function of their operations. So, why do so many of them struggle to execute on CX?

  • Poorly integrated systems
  • Inability to meet support volumes
  • Cost of upgrades
  • Internal teams operating in silos

2. Your Systems Need to Innovate at the Speed of CX

Improving your CX and overcoming the challenges listed above means innovating your systems throughout. From marketing to execution to follow-up, it’s vital that you assess your CX and ensure that it’s operating at a near flawless level — because that is what today’s consumers are going to expect. A core component of your CX is your customer contact center/IVR. If your inbound customer service is lagging, it is absolutely impacting your bottom line and your brand image.

3. Your IVR Technology is a Key Component to Innovating Your CX

When it comes to customer contact centers, your IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is critical to delivering on your goal of a well-executed customer experience. Inbound callers are sometimes frustrated, anxious or angry. This means that even the tiniest hitch in your system can amplify a customer’s negative perceptions of your brand. That’s definitely not how you want your interactions to go! However, adjusting your IVR to be a CX magnifier doesn’t have to be difficult. Small adjustments can create enormous overall changes that leave your customers singing your praises when the call is complete.

What are some adjustments we make to improve your IVR (and your customers’ experience)?

  • Improve routing and efficiency of calls
  • Automate your IVR testing to find flaws early
  • Update your system’s vocabulary to meet the regional dialects of your callers
  • Reduce errors caused by background noise
  • Reduce confusing prompts that make customers zero out of containment 

These adjustments are part of what’s called IVR tuning, a process that can drastically improve your customer engagement at your contact centers — and your CX. This is just a snapshot of the insights discussed in the recent webinar. To catch all the ideas and information on providing great CX through innovation, check out the presentation in its entirety here.

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