Introducing Global In-Country Dialing


Businesses are increasingly operating in a global economy, and are looking to test and monitor their customer experience in countries around the world. In order to do this effectively and efficiently, you need the ability to dial numbers locally for the purposes of testing and monitoring. While of course you can dial numbers internationally, there are some limitations.

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First, you cannot dial toll-free numbers over international circuits. So, if you want to monitor the performance of toll-free numbers, you must dial from a local number.

Second, you cannot accurately test voice quality from calls originating from an international number. The call quality over international circuits varies wildly. Most carriers use a least cost algorithm to route calls, and this often impacts voice quality. To get an accurate read on the voice quality for both the customer and the agent, you must dial from a local number – just as most of your customers would be.

The final major constraint is around testing of personalization. Personalization is often driven by ANI/CLI. To accurately test realistic scenarios, the ANI/CLI would need to be presented as a local number which cannot reliably be transmitted over international circuits.

In the past, Cyara has supported in-country dialing in a handful of countries where we operate one of our points of presence. Today we are announcing a new feature – Global In-Country Dialing – that dramatically expands the number of countries where we support in-country dialing.

With Global In-Country Dialing, Cyara initiates a call from our Cloud, routes it through a carrier network, and presents it as though it were a local call, thereby eliminating the limitations articulated above. This new capability is a platform-level feature, and can be leveraged by all Cyara products (Pulse, Velocity & Cruncher), allowing our customers to: 

  • Monitor toll-free numbers to ensure customer journeys work end-to-end
  • Accurately replicate voice quality bi-directionally (customer to agent, and agent-to customer) of calls on the local network  
  • Test local ANI/CLI in many countries enabling businesses to test complex personalization scenarios, with precision, before rolling out to production
  • Load test with calls generated locally to accurately evaluate call latency, connect times, and call quality which can diminish greatly with calls generated internationally.

Unlike other in-country dialing point solutions on the market, Cyara offers this capability as part of a comprehensive CX Assurance Platform that allows you to test the journey holistically from self-service to agent assisted service, across all voice and digital channels. With Cyara, not only can you test and monitor your toll-free numbers, but you can monitor voice quality bi-directionally from the customer to the agent, and the agent to the customer. The Cyara platform also supports performance testing so you can assure your global numbers function at scale. We support functional and regressing testing, IVR script testing, agent routing testing, and testing of chat, chatbot, email, and SMS. The breadth and depth of our offering is unmatched in the market, and now, you can test with these capabilities, presenting as a local call across the globe. 

If you, like so many of our clients, are seeking to test and monitor calls generated locally in countries across the globe, this new feature can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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