The Importance of Proactive Call Monitoring for Business Success


Poor audio quality significantly impacts customer service. Just like most organizations, your business likely relies on international inbound telephone services for your contact center or generates new sales through outbound calling. 

As such, these telephone services are mission-critical. This is why Cyara assists our customers in attaining the optimal customer experience (CX) through automated and proactive monitoring

Workers monitoring app performance

Why Implement Proactive Monitoring?

Fundamentally, proactive monitoring empowers businesses like yours to better manage and enhance your overall performance. This allows you to stay resilient and responsive in a dynamic market environment and provides better CX, increasing your reputation and revenue. 

Now, we’ll delve into just a few of the key reasons why your organization should implement proactive monitoring today.

1. Enhances CX

Nobody enjoys a subpar phone experience. From delayed calls, poor quality, or jittery conversations, a single bad call has the potential to disrupt your customer’s entire day. Considering the impact of a poor-quality phone call on your customer's perception of your business, they're more inclined to switch to a competitor than attempt another call. But, proactive monitoring mitigates this risk, efficiently minimizing negative customer impacts and safeguarding your organization’s brand.

2. Increases brand trust

By proactively monitoring your calls and ensuring better quality, you enhance the overall customer experience. This not only boosts your reputation but also fosters brand loyalty. The increased trust in your company significantly elevates the likelihood of customers becoming repeat purchasers as they are reassured by the expectation of excellent customer support. Additionally, it drives positive word-of-mouth which is likely to attract further new customers.

In today's landscape, consumers' faith and trust in the brands they engage with holds greater significance than ever before. Proactive monitoring empowers companies, like yours, to anticipate and rectify any issues swiftly. And in cases where this prompt resolution isn't feasible and customers might be affected, transparently alerting them about ongoing issues can preserve trust. When a business openly acknowledges problems and assures they are working to fix them, it rarely annoys customers. Instead it tends to amplify their trust in your brand.

3. Reduces troubleshooting time

Think about how annoying and time-consuming it is to pinpoint and identify the reason your calls are suffering from poor audio quality. It's a maze of possibilities, involving various internal and external factors. And while you’re trying to solve it, the affected customers might already have switched to your competitor. However, by adopting proactive monitoring and testing, you can streamline the process, swiftly and efficiently pinpointing any issues. This significantly reduces the time that your team needs to spend troubleshooting problems. Additionally, this improves your cost efficiencies.

4. Provides clear insights for management

Every successful business requires a seamlessly structured and efficient operating system, akin to a well-oiled machine. However, at times, it may seem that management only becomes aware of a problem when it’s too late or it has already caused significant negative CX. Proactive monitoring serves as a solution to this challenge. Tailored reporting and insights empower management to anticipate and address problems before they have the chance to affect your customers.


Manage Your Call Issues Proactively

In today's switching economy, customers typically opt to switch to a new supplier rather than voice complaints about a poor experience. Therefore, any downtime or audio quality issues with even one of your numbers may affect numerous customers, leading to frustration and revenue loss.

Hence, waiting for customer complaints is no longer sufficient. And even network monitoring tools aren’t capable of alerting you to issues that are happening on your external networks. This leaves you blind to a multitude of problems that could be dramatically affecting your calls.Thankfully, proactive and automated testing of your numbers will make sure you stay ahead of any problems on your lines. Regular testing enables the immediate detection of issues and provides the necessary information to empower timely issue rectification before customers are impacted.