Guest Post by InProd: Empowering Business Users to Easily Make IVR Changes


InProd_Solutions_LogoBusiness users want an efficient and trouble-free way to make changes to IVRs. InProd and New Zealand’s Ministry of Social Development (MSD) have developed a new feature as part of the InProd product, that gives business users what they want.

IVRs need to be continually updated to help customers resolve their issues and make the customer experience as frictionless as possible. Business users often have minor changes, such as, changes to prompts (pre-recorded IVR voice messages) and changes to where calls should be sent. They need changes quickly and often do not want to wait for an IT resource.

The Benefits of Dynamic Variables 

Many companies use Cyara’s dynamic variables, which are variables that can change for each test case. The value of dynamic variables is that a single test case design can be used to test multiple sets of data without having to duplicate the test case for each data set to be tested. Any changes to the IVR require corresponding updates to the dynamic variables so that test cases are updated as well.

Today in many companies, when business users have changes, they need to make requests to the IT team. The IT team makes the change to the IVR but sometimes neglects to update an IVR test case via the dynamic variable. Then the test case is not accurate, the test will fail when executed, an alarm will get sent to the IT team, and the IT team will start troubleshooting the issue and spending valuable time investigating a false positive issue.

A New Feature to Streamline IVR Changes

We recently developed a new InProd feature, together with New Zealand’s Ministry of Social Development (MSD), that gives business users the ability to make changes without involving the IT team and that automatically updates the appropriate test cases.

Here’s how it works.

1. A business user goes to a user-friendly web page interface.

2. They make the change to the IVR.

3. The change goes through a changeset, which is a bundle of changes that can move between different environments, (e.g., DevOps, UAT, and production), without repeating work.

4. The changeset initiates the dynamic variables to be updated, which makes the changes to the appropriate test cases.

5. The business user’s change to the IVR and test cases are made right away with full auditing.

When business users have the ability to make changes themselves, this enables the changes to be deployed into production with increased velocity and reduces work for the IT team. It keeps CX assurance tests updated, and the IVR’s customer experience working smoothly. This is a win for everyone involved, especially the customers.

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