Introducing Intelligent Insights Reports


Comprehensiveness and Completeness in the Reporting of your Telecom Infrastructure.

There are two very important aspects to consider when it comes to the reporting of your telecom infrastructure: comprehensiveness and completeness.

Comprehensiveness: Having a comprehensive report which identifies key metrics is essential for gaining a better overview of your telecom infrastructure. A comprehensive report provides decision-makers with a full and clear picture of the subject matter being reported on, including all relevant information, data, background information, and analysis necessary for understanding the topic at hand. Without comprehensive reports, decision-makers may lack the important information needed to make informed decisions.

Completeness: Moreover, reporting completeness is crucial for ensuring that decision-makers have all the necessary understanding to make informed choices. A report must include all the information needed to give a full and clear picture of the topic being reported on, without omitting anything which could cause confusion or misunderstandings. If a report is incomplete or lacks critical data, it can lead to misguided decisions, based on misunderstandings or incorrect assumptions.

As such, a comprehensive and complete report is required to provide decision-makers with all the necessary insights to make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, make recommendations, and take the action required to address any issues or challenges faced.

This is precisely what we focused on when developing our new reports and taking them to the next level.

Introducing Intelligent Insights

Intelligent Insights revolutionizes Voice Assure reporting by bringing a fresh and advanced approach to it, ensuring comprehensiveness and completeness.

Intelligent Insights is like a fitness tracker for your business's telecommunications, allowing you to monitor and track the performance of your telecoms infrastructure and services. Through this, you can identify areas where you're doing well and where you need to improve, allocating your resources in the places that need improvement. Whether you're looking at the big picture or focusing on specific countries or numbers, Intelligent Insights will give you a comprehensive overview of your telecoms operations.

It is vital to test your global contact numbers proactively and locally using in-country lines to reflect the real customer experience. And for regular number testing, you will want an overview of how your telecommunications infrastructure is performing month after month. Your results and metrics should correspond with the experiences and expectations normally encountered by callers in that country, along with the country’s typical infrastructure standards. With Intelligent Insights, you will gain a greater understanding of this and so much more. 

Our comprehensive set of analyses provides a detailed understanding of your system's functionality and facilitates the detection and resolution of issues. We use benchmarking to help you understand exactly how your global contact numbers are behaving and compare them to country-specific metrics and the results of all other testing performed in our system. All of these indicators are extremely important and provide you with additional visibility.

Imagine a magnifying glass allowing you to view your telecommunication performance

Intelligent Insights is organized into multiple layers, allowing a closer look into the details that matter most to you. It’s composed of five simple reports that connect together to create a complete and comprehensive picture of your telecoms performance. Additionally, the Company Ranking feature allows you to see where you are ranking against other peers on a global and country scale; the Cyara Approved status recognizes exceptional service that exceeds national benchmarks and acknowledges outstanding performance; and your in-country carrier ranking allows a clear view of your carriers' performance.

Each month, your dedicated Customer Engagement Manager will utilize the Voice Assure Intelligent Insights to provide you with a comprehensive overview allowing you better visibility and knowledge into the effectiveness of your telecommunication performance. Trust me, it couldn't be simpler...

1. Top Level Report

As someone responsible for the functionality and service quality of your contact center, you are undoubtedly interested in the monthly results and whether there are any fluctuations or performance declines compared with the previous month. You may also be required to provide this information to management and senior leadership teams in an easy-to-understand manner.

And this is exactly why we designed the Top Level report, which provides an overview and highlights areas requiring improvement within your telecommunications landscape. It showcases the number of countries meeting benchmarks for connectivity, quality, and Post Dial Delay (PDD), as well as highlighting performance trends over the past six months for countries which did not meet benchmarks enabling targeted enhancements. By analyzing this data, you will gain a clearer understanding of sudden drops in performance and ongoing issues that need attention and review.

2. All Country Breakdown Report

The All Country Breakdown report goes into more detail, it uncovers information from each country's point of view. It provides a comprehensive overview of benchmark performance, including breakdowns for connection, audio quality, and PDD, listing countries in which your numbers are performing best and worst. It highlights areas that require improvement, along with your rankings in each country when compared to other companies who are also conducting tests in those countries.

3. Individual Country Breakdown Report

Your numbers are supplied by various carriers depending on the country. You'll need visibility on the performance of these carriers - for example, which is the best and worst performing. Once problematic countries have been identified using the 'Top Level' or 'All Countries Breakdown' reports, the Individual Country Breakdown report will provide a more distinct number-carrier focused perspective on your telecommunications performance. This report highlights issues by presenting the failure rates and other metrics; it also ranks your in-country carriers based on their performance, providing averages for connection rates, audio quality scores, and post-dial delay times. The objective of this report is to bring attention to any underperforming numbers.

The remaining two layers of the Intelligent Insights reports provide even more detailed analysis of your number performance at both the complete and individual level, allowing you to gain deeper insights and explore the relevant data.

4. All Numbers Breakdown Report

The All Numbers Breakdown report shows the worst-performing results for your tested numbers in each country, along with the volume of tests that were conducted and the failure percentage for each number, helping you to pinpoint the numbers and carriers which need attention.

5. Individual Numbers Breakdown Report

The Individual Numbers Breakdown report provides a daily performance analysis of individual numbers throughout the month, enabling you to track moments of performance growth or decline. This helps in identifying the exact moment that the number's performance fluctuated, reducing the time needed for issue identification and resolution.

Chart a course for success

We recognize the significance of having the appropriate tools and information to streamline your operations and enhance your customer experience. As such, we have designed Intelligent Insights with your feedback in mind and to meet your specific requirements. This release is just the beginning for these reports, and as always we will continue to work with you to shape and strengthen it.

I would like to conclude this article with one final analogy! Reports from Intelligent Insights are like a map for your business's telecommunications. They will help you to chart a course for success by highlighting the most efficient and effective paths to reach your goals, while avoiding any obstacles and dead-ends along the way.

If you're interested in learning more about how Intelligent Insights can help optimize your telecommunications performance, don't hesitate to reach out to our team of experts. With Intelligent Insights, you can take control of your telecoms immediately and ensure that you're providing the best possible experience for your customers. Contact us today to learn more!