Join Us in Our NEW Online User Group, the Cyara Community!


At Cyara we believe that quality communication is key to success, whether you are communicating with your customers, or internally within your own business. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce the opening of a new channel of communication, the Cyara Community.


What is the Cyara Community?

The Cyara Community forum is open to all Cyarans as part of your subscription to the Cyara Platform. This community forum is designed to be an open communication channel between Cyara users and our own internal product development teams. Here you can ask questions about Cyara product features, learn about new and upcoming products, and share your experiences with using Cyara to improve your own business’ CX.

This is a great place to learn from and communicate with others who have faced similar business challenges. We hope you'll share your tips and best practices to help us build a helpful and valuable user group that we can all benefit from taking part in.

What does the Cyara Community Look Like?

The Cyara Community is structured like a forum, organized into topics that group discussions together, as well as individual posts to discuss ideas. Cyarans can comment on these posts as well as create your own posts for discussion. To help get the conversation started, we've launched with a few general topics:

  • Community FAQs and General Discussion
  • The New Product Features Q&A
  • The Product Roadmap Forum


Community-accessAs a Cyara customer, you've been granted automatic membership to the Community, and you can join in the discussions simply by logging in to the Cyara Knowledge Center and clicking the Community link in the top navigation. You can also find the Community link on the main Knowledge Center page, where public discussion topics are visible. 

We've designed the Community to be private and securely accessible only by Cyara customers, with ongoing staff moderation. Any comment will go through a brief moderation process before being posted, so you'll never have to worry about spam or low-quality comments.

We’re also looking forward to feedback from community members about how to expand the forum in future. We want to know what areas you would want the Cyara Platform to expand into. Highly commented feature discussions will be relayed to Cyara’s product management team to be included in future development planning.

Get Answers from Your Peers alongside Cyara Experts

We want the Cyara Community to be engaging for all who contribute, so users can comment on all posts. When a post is responded to by a Cyara staff member, the comment will contain a marker of an “Official Response” so you'll be able to easily distinguish between types of responses. Individual posts can also be featured or pinned to the top of the topic thread.


The Cyara Community Moderators will also mark posts as “Answered” once the core question in a post has been addressed. This will make it easy for you to find answers to issues that have been resolved and put that information into practice.

Not only is the Cyara Community an excellent place to share your own experiences, the forum will be integrated with our customer support team, so any technical issues with the Cyara Platform that are raised in community posts can be transferred into a support ticket.

See You in the Community!

Our customers are always our highest priority. We value your feedback and opinion, so we’re excited to hear from you and to foster discussion about the Cyara Platform and how it has helped you improve your business’ CX. We’re looking forward to hearing your success stories and CX challenges and sharing more of our forward development roadmap with you.

Thank you for being a valued member of our Cyara Community, which we affectionately call Cyara Nation.