Three New Integrations to Streamline Your DevOps Practice


Customer experience IT leaders know that a well functioning, complete ecosystem of technology—from IT monitoring, defect tracking, and software development systems to IT ticketing—is key. With this ecosystem in place, companies are empowered to iterate rapidly with quality using Agile and DevOps methodologies in their CX initiatives. 

Cyara’s customers use a wide range of solutions to streamline their software development and operations in support of delivering better customer experiences. So we’re excited to announce new Cyara Platform integrations to three popular solutions: Jira, ServiceNow, and Splunk. These new integrations help with IT monitoring (Splunk), defect tracking (Jira), and ticketing and support (ServiceNow), and are in addition to our existing integrations with configuration management services from blackchair and InProd, and test management with MicroFocus ALM. 

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IT Monitoring: Cyara Pulse Integration to Splunk

Cyara customers use Splunk for log aggregation and monitoring, including for systems in their contact centers. With the new Splunk-Pulse integration, you can combine and correlate the ‘outside-in’ results that come from Cyara Pulse together with the internal data you’re collecting in Splunk. This enables you to improve troubleshooting, and reduce the mean time to repair issues.

With the Splunk integration:

  • Get alarms and clearing events sent from Cyara to Splunk
  • Correlate Pulse alarms with internal errors tracked in Splunk
  • Troubleshoot and reduce mean-time-to-repair by sharing results from Test Cases and Campaigns with Splunk for correlation with other data sources (e.g. contact center log files)
  • Create a Splunk feed from your Cyara Pulse Dashboard
  • Get real-time results pushed as soon as they are recorded by the platform
  • Get user-configurable templates for enabling rapid deployment

Defect Tracking: Cyara Velocity Integration to Jira

Jira is primarily used for software defect tracking in organizations. A cornerstone of a successful DevOps practice is continuous testing and test automation, and by introducing the ability to create a defect in Jira from Cyara Velocity, we help enable continuous testing and rapid iteration.

  • With the Jira integration:
  • Track and manage contact centre call defects in Jira
  • Create and capture custom fields from the create dialog
  • Work from a common set of expected Jira fields
  • Switch back and forth within Jira and Cyara with backlinking

Ticketing and Support: Cyara Pulse Integration with ServiceNow

ServiceNow provides IT incident ticketing and support functionality. This integration allows you to automate incident management by creating ServiceNow incident tickets from Pulse Test Case failures. This enables rapid response and reduction in mean-time-to-repair.

With the ServiceNow integration:

  • A new ticket can be created on the Test Result Details page (all channels), or via the Cyara Mobile App
  • Users will be notified of new tickets via push notification to the Cyara Mobile App
  • Custom fields can be created and captured from the create dialog Integration template available for cloud hosted ServiceNow
  • Configuration provides a common set of fields
  • Incidents can be pushed to ServiceNow from your Cyara Portal

A Platform to Bring it all Together

Cyara is leveraging new technology to bring this integrations to market. This new technology, which we call the Integration Hub, makes it easier for us to create new integrations meaning that you'll see more integrations from us in the coming months, so keep reading this blog for updates.

Contact us to learn more about how Cyara can help you streamline your DevOps practice and CX assurance efforts.

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