Overcoming the Downward Spiral of Inadequate Testing


We all know that consistently delivering a great CX is hard. We also all know that your customers don’t care — they expect a flawless CX every time they interact with you.

In fact, 78% of consumers consider it critical to leave a service interaction feeling good about their experience (Salesforce, State of the Connected Customer, 2017). And, 39% of consumers who had a very bad experience spent less with that company (Temkin Group, What Consumers Do After a Good or Bad Experience, 2017). 

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It's Hard to Delight Customers

Why is it so hard to delight customers? Well, CX systems are complex. The average company uses 11 channels to engage customers. Each channel is managed separately. Even within a channel, the design, development, and testing teams are disconnected.

Each time you make a change to your CX, you open the possibility of introducing errors. Even worse, when developing new features, most companies test only a fraction (~10-20%) of the possible journeys, virtually ensuring any improvements introduce defects.

Your choice? Either you don’t make changes, or you risk introducing flaws into your CX. Either way, you lose — sales, loyalty, customers.

And that’s why I’m so excited about Cyara Velocity. By creating a collaborative hub that connects testing to design, Velocity changes all that. This hub provides a common language and central repository for expressing your CX, ensuring that all the teams and functions involved in delivering your CX are on the same page.

Even better, Velocity maximizes automation in the design to testing lifecycle. Velocity automates the discovery of your existing CX, providing you baseline documentation. Velocity also automates the creation and upkeep of test cases, based on the documented designs, which drives out inefficiencies, increases test coverage, and ensures quality.

Visit cyara.com/velocity to learn how Velocity can help you achieve CX innovation with quality.