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Three New Integrations to Streamline Your DevOps Practice

Customer experience IT leaders know that a well functioning, complete ecosystem of technology—from IT monitoring, defect tracking, and software development systems to IT ticketing—is key. With this ecosystem in place, companies are empowered to iterate rapidly with quality using Agile and DevOps methodologies in their CX initiatives. 

Cyara’s customers use a wide range of solutions to streamline their software development and operations in support of delivering better customer experiences. So we’re excited to announce new Cyara Platform integrations to three popular solutions: Jira, ServiceNow, and Splunk. These new integrations help with IT monitoring (Splunk), defect tracking (Jira), and ticketing and support (ServiceNow), and are in addition to our existing integrations with configuration management services from blackchair and InProd, and test management with MicroFocus ALM. 

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Overcoming the Speed-Quality Tradeoff in Your Migration to Amazon Connect

In my last blog post, I focused on how Cyara Accelerator helps companies accelerate their migration to Amazon Connect by automatically documenting existing IVR applications, and automatically generating call flows in Amazon Connect. By automating the process of generating a baseline IVR, brands can get their new system up and running much faster.

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Get to the Benefits of Amazon Connect Faster with Cyara Accelerator

Adoption of Contact Center technology in the Cloud is a trend that is well under way. According to IDC, nearly 50% of contact centers have deployed cloud-based solutions and an additional third are in the process. And, this isn’t just small contact centers. According to Forrester, 1 in 4 large contact centers currently deploys hosted, hybrid or cloud contact center environments, and 30% are expecting to move to subscription-type services.

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Guest Post by InProd: Empowering Business Users to Easily Make IVR Changes

Business users want an efficient and trouble-free way to make changes to IVRs. InProd and New Zealand’s Ministry of Social Development (MSD) have developed a new feature as part of the InProd product, that gives business users what they want.

IVRs need to be continually updated to help customers resolve their issues and make the customer experience as frictionless as possible. Business users often have minor changes, such as, changes to prompts (pre-recorded IVR voice messages) and changes to where calls should be sent. They need changes quickly and often do not want to wait for an IT resource.

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CX Thought Leaders July 2019

The contact center has become the inflection point for digital transformation in the enterprise. Companies must now compete by delivering innovative, flawless customer experiences. To accomplish this, the vast majority of enterprises are moving their contact centers to the cloud. Nearly half of the world’s contact centers have deployed cloud-based solutions and an additional third are in the process, according to IDC. I recently asked CX experts for their view on cloud migrations.

“What are the drivers of migrating contact centers to the cloud?”

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Make Sure your CX is Switched on During the Big Switch-Off

In 2015, British Telecom (BT) announced it would be switching off the UK’s legacy PSTN and ISDN networks by 2025, forcing all customers to shift to IP-based VoIP (Voice Over IP) and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) telephony services. Rather than a chore, to me this represents an opportunity for companies in the UK to take advantage of new cloud technology and improve their customer experience at the same time.

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The 5 Keys to Assuring Your Contact Center Cloud Migration

More and more of Cyara’s customers around the world are moving their contact centers to the cloud. This is happening for many reasons, including improved flexibility and reliability, increased speed, and reduced costs. In fact, research shows that 81% of users of hosted cloud solutions say cloud has improved flexibility, while 77% say it contributes to future-proofing their technology infrastructure.

To me, cloud technology represents a unique opportunity for the industry to move beyond interactions and customer journeys to a new level of personalization based on customer lifetime value. This is because the underlying engine that gathers data and analytics about your customers is a single system rather than disparate systems that aren’t able to communicate with each other. 

While the benefits and opportunities are compelling, there is a lot of complexity and risk involved, which can hold organizations back. Risks include security concerns, cost over-runs, systems integration, the management of legacy infrastructure, and leadership inertia. 

Earlier this month, I co-hosted a webinar with Steve Nuttall, Head of CX Research at Fifth Quadrant, that focussed on the potential risks of migration and how to overcome them. We covered five key ways to assure a successful contact center cloud migration.

In this post, I’ll outline my highlights from the webinar, and how you can be sure your customers aren’t impacted when you’re embarking on a cloud migration.

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How to Maintain Visibility When You Move to the Cloud

When it comes to businesses, cloud-based services have aided the expansion of digital disruption as more and more processes move online. The three standard models associated with cloud computing are: Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service, and Platform as a Service.

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Migration to Agile - Leveraging the Cyara CX Assurance Platform

I recently caught up with Scott Anderson, SVP, Senior Team Lead, at Bank of America, and asked him how his team makes test automation so successful. Scott is an expert in IVR quality assurance and testing and has been at the forefront of customer experience assurance.

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Is Your Organization’s Focus on Projects Hurting Efficiency?

In my role at Cyara, I regularly have discussions with our customers about forecasting, funding, and resource allocation in their organizations. In my most recent interactions with two customers, I came to realize that organizations may be overlooking a great opportunity to make their business more efficient. 

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