Don’t Just Collect Customer Feedback, Act On It

Collecting customer feedback without integrating it into a comprehensive and valued program that guarantees actionable insights wastes not only your organization’s time, but also your customers.

Continuous Testing: A Software Development Recipe for Success!

I love to cook. And a lot of my passion has to do with the science behind it, the process, and the rhythm that - when you get right - results in an explosion of flavor that makes you exclaim “Mmmmmm!” and go back for more. And as odd as it may seem, there’s a lot...

VoC Platforms Give Employees a Voice Too

As the first person customers often speak to, frontline staff in contact centers engage with customers in every kind of mood – happy, frustrated or even just plain angry. 

How to Perform Phone Number Testing

International toll and toll-free phone number testing is crucial to protect one of your key customer contact channels. Businesses today rely on multiple contact channels to give customers options, and to provide a level of self-service. 

Cyara Enhances Its Global Coverage

At Cyara, we pride ourselves in being a customer-centric organization. And one of our many goals is to empower you with the capability to replicate your customers' call experiences from anywhere in the world that you do business. To achieve this, we are working to...

When to Collect Feedback from Your Customers

Any contact center that is committed to enhancing their customer experience (CX) and product or service offering relies on voice of the customer (VoC) feedback as an essential input to identifying challenges and subsequently prioritizing future improvements.

The Chatbot Connection: Transforming Global Public Transport

Public transportation isn’t usually known for innovative, forward-thinking approaches to customer experience. As urban centers grow more crowded each year, their public transport systems are struggling to evolve.

What Sets The Best CX Companies Apart?

Starbucks, Qatar Airways, Netflix, Disney, Hubspot… these are just some of the many companies that are consistently recognized as having the best customer experience (CX) in the world. They frequently win CX-related awards and tend to dominate within their...

Understanding & Using Throughput to Improve Contact Center Performance

Endurance testing. Load testing. Scalability testing. Spike Testing. Stress… smoke… volume… Testing, testing, testing! Are all these performance testing types testing your patience? Do you have questions about what they are, when to use them, and how?