The Power of 3: Combining Solutions to Catapult Your CX into the Cloud


Technology has opened doors for businesses that we would never have dreamed possible a few decades ago. The post-COVID world looks to be increasingly cloud-based. Companies are more driven by data insights than ever. And the ability to monitor and refine the customer experience has never been more precise.

These abilities multiply what’s possible for businesses today, but they also create new layers of complexity and present new challenges. Enabling a cloud-based, remote workforce can be liberating but also chaotic. Monitoring your customer experience will provide you with more data than you know what to do with.

power of 3

Companies that are truly tech-savvy don’t simply deploy applications at random, solving disparate problems with the latest software as needed. Instead, they look for ways to integrate their solutions to magnify the benefits of each one and address issues cohesively.

Cyara, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Splunk offer just that opportunity. Integrating these three solutions can help you reduce defects and unplanned work, provide flawless customer journeys and perform effective root-cause analysis with faster issue resolution. We call it the “Power of Three” because it delivers so much more than any one of these solutions on its own.


3 Valuable Solutions for Today's Business

Before we look at how you can use these solutions together, let’s briefly explain what each one can add to your business by itself.

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Cyara Delivers CX Assurance

Cyara enables businesses to take their interactive voice response (IVR) customer service systems to the next level. Instead of relying on CX systems that are either clunky and outdated or overwhelmingly reliant on manual resources, you can build entirely new customer journeys, automate testing to continuously improve the system, and monitor customer interactions in real time.

The Cyara platform includes solutions like Velocity and Pulse, which have enabled countless businesses to dramatically improve their CX outcomes while reducing the manual labor involved in delivering customer service over the phone, through online chat, or through other IVR channels. We deliver a 283% ROI and payback within two to three months (read more about the Total Economic Impact of Cyara in a recent study by Forrester.)


AWS Moves Your CX to the Cloud with Amazon Connect

In today’s business environment, customer service is moving away from centralized locations at a rapid pace. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the need for efficient remote work and customer service solutions to the forefront for businesses across multiple sectors of the economy. AWS has made the transition from physical call centers to a cloud-based communication hub possible for many companies.

Amazon Connect is an omnichannel cloud contact center that helps businesses deliver fast, secure, high-quality, personalized customer experiences from anywhere. The system is easy to set up quickly, allowing businesses large and small to get up and running in a matter of hours. Unlike traditional, physical contact center solutions, cloud-based contact centers are easy to scale up or down based on demand, making this a flexible, efficient solution for a wide range of businesses.



Splunk Drives Action With Data

Splunk’s solutions are built around its motto, “Turn data into doing.” It offers a suite of integrations that businesses — contact centers in particular — can use to draw together data from multiple sources in order to gain business insights and take action. It provides unprecedented levels of service assurance and operational resilience.

This enables business owners, managers and other key leaders to understand the customer experience and other aspects of their business in ways that were never before possible. Splunk is used by 91 companies on the Fortune 100, so its reputation speaks for itself.

Better Together

The greatest benefits, though, come to those businesses that leverage all three of these solutions together. When you have all three, you have a cloud-based system to manage customer–agent interactions (Amazon Connect), an automated solution to ensure those interactions are high quality (Cyara platform), and a tool to gather, analyze and use the data the other two resources provide (Splunk).

In a recent session during Cyara’s Xchange Virtual Summit, Matt Olson, global strategist for new markets at Splunk, described what this partnership looked like for a major financial institution in North America.

This company was already using all three applications. They were using Cyara and Splunk together, and they were using Amazon Connect and Splunk together, but had not integrated all three. They were getting invaluable insights, but they needed a way to take it further.

As Olson described it, there was a bit of a “chocolate and peanut butter moment” of realizing that these three resources could work in harmony.

“[Splunk] could bring them together to provide an integrated view of what Cyara was telling them regarding the CX experience and what Amazon Connect was telling them regarding the contact center operations platform and that whole operational perspective,” Olson said. “And joining those data sets, they’re now able to determine not only where they have detected impairment from a CX perspective, but how it’s manifested, as well, in the customer session information and what they’re seeing from Amazon Connect. And they can also integrate operational platform data to get at root cause and understand what’s driving that CX experience.”

That level of actionable insight is not something every business currently has, but it’s available through the power of collaborations like this. And when you have this access, it creates sort of a virtuous cycle of innovation that leads to feedback, which ultimately leads back to more innovation.

“At the end of the day, it’s connecting what matters the most in customer experience with what you do about it in the operational data and driving that action,” Olson said. 

Embrace the Power of Three

Connecting Cyara, AWS and Splunk delivers an exceptionally potent solution for your business. By building upon the strengths and capabilities of each individual piece, the complimentary capabilities amplify your contact center CX while accelerating and assuring your cloud migration journey. This takes you beyond migration to true CX transformation.

To learn more about what this powerful combination can do for you, watch the full webinar from the Xchange Virtual Summit. You’ll hear from Olson; along with Kun Qian, a senior specialist and AWS Applied Scientist at AWS; and Cyara’s own Deborah Davis, director of channels and alliances.

Watch their conversation in full on the Xchange replays page.