Cyara Debuts NEW Premium Support Services


Since the start of Cyara, it’s been our goal to deliver the best customer service experience. To achieve it, we’re continuously developing new ways to provide enhanced support services, and over the years, that’s resulted in customer-focused efforts, like:

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And in addition to these efforts, we’ve always automatically included robust support services with every subscription to our automated CX assurance Platform and individual products. Directly after onboarding, our customers receive access to world-class technical support providing installation assistance, basic usability support, update notifications, troubleshooting, and technical support when they need it.


Engagement with our support teams for our robust, standard services took shape in the form of 8x5 business hours email and web support, and 24x7 access to online support via our self-service website, in addition to Knowledge Center, Academy, and Developer Central access for self-paced and flexible issue-resolution assistance.


As we’ve grown, so have our customers and their needs. That’s why, as of July 1st 2020, we’re excited to debut an additional level of Premium support to qualifying customers. For this new offering, we’ve added mission-critical service response times up to 4 times faster for Sev-1 issues, as well as 24x7 business hours email and web support, 8x5 phone support, automated monthly support history reports, and more. For a breakdown of what’s included in our Premium support package, download the datasheet.


Current Cyara customers can contact their Account Executives or Customer Success Manager to learn more about Premium Support Service eligibility and upgrade options, or learn more on our Support page.