Get Ready to Shift CX into High Gear with Cyara Call Explorer


Today marks a momentous occasion in the world of test automation. There’s a new on-ramp into the fast-lane that will help navigate you straight toward flawless customer experiences!

We are excited to announce the official launch of Cyara Call Explorer, a brand new feature included across the Cyara Automated CX Assurance Platform.

Call explorer animation 2

This new feature was built for two reasons:

  1. Make it easier to shift from manual to automated testing by eliminating a forced behavior change.
  2. Support manual testers with the power of automation as they test and monitor their contact center customer journeys to assure quality CX.

There are many benefits to automated testing: time-savings, reduced business cost, higher test coverage, and a reduction of repetitive processes. 

That said, change is hard. Contact center testing teams have, so far, relied on a manual approach to calling into their Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, following the customer journey paths to be tested, and reporting on their experiences. It’s what they’re used to and what they’re good at. 

But even for rockstar testers it takes a lot of time to build test cases step-by-step that accurately represent every test interaction, prompt, and selection, along with the outcomes. And if they find a defect along the way, it takes even more effort to capture the details needed in order to share what they found with Development so the issue can be reproduced, diagnosed, fixed, and then checked. 

Automation solutions will ease this labor-intensive aspect of their jobs, but building the test cases needed to run in automated testing campaigns takes time. Even with the promise of automation benefits, adopting new practices and learning new testing behavior can take upfront time and effort. 

Until now!

IVR Testing & Monitoring with Cyara Call Explorer

Cyara Call Explorer turbocharges the process of adopting automating into the testing practices, making it easy to author test cases and build test case libraries for future automated regression, load, and performance testing campaigns. 

call explorer screen

In the background of test calls, Call Explorer documents every step, prompt, input, and aspect of each call so manual testers don’t have to. It even intelligently listens for and gathers data about the call that humans would never be able to capture. 

From just a single, manual call, Call Explorer transcribes each interaction and generates a test case automatically populated with everything testing and development teams need for future automated testing and monitoring campaigns. Once the tester hangs up, that test call never needs to be manually dialed again! 

And, Call Explorer test cases that uncovered a defect can be re-run without manual repetition, then shared via a link to that test case. This makes it easy to reproduce the troublesome customer journey so development teams can see – then solve the problem. It also makes re-running the exact test to validate the fix as easy as clicking a button.

For a fun look at how this feature works, check out this animated video.

CCE animated video thumbnail

You can also read this more in-depth description of Call Explorer as one of the many ways Cyara makes automated CX assurance easier, or learn more about this feature on our site.