Three Questions for George Skaryak, Cyara's Sales Chief


We’re often discussing customer engagement here on the Cyara blog. I recently sat down with the person who is Cyara’s front-line guy for engagement with our customers. Cyara just appointed George Skaryak as EVP of worldwide sales, a role in which he will be interacting with current and future customers across three continents. Right before he hopped on his next flight, I caught up with him to learn more about how he sees the CX market and Cyara’s role within it.


1. What attracted you to Cyara?  

I’ve always gravitated toward companies that are establishing a leadership position and have built a customer base of great brands by solving big problems for them — and that’s certainly the case for Cyara. Enterprises, globally, are 100% focused on delivering an excellent customer experience, and Cyara is addressing a burning need for them that’s growing. Also important to me is what makes a company tick. I’m attracted to companies that instill a culture that celebrates their customers’ successes, and Cyara’s team is driven by an unwavering commitment to its customers. In fact, I’ve already spoken to several of our customers, and have been hearing firsthand that Cyara consistently puts its customers first to help them achieve their goals.

2. What's the biggest value we can deliver for our customers?

With customer journeys under the microscope as brands look to boost brand loyalty, I think that it will be essential to really understand and measure the quality of that customer journey through the entire customer lifecycle. For Cyara, that means assisting our customers with the tools to measure CX on all engagement channels: call center, website, chat, and even chatbot. How brands engage with their customers is evolving, so they’ll be looking to us to ensure they can always deliver excellent quality across all their customers’ journeys.

3. How do you see the CX market evolving?

One of the trends we’re seeing is that the drive for digital transformation has now reached the customer experience group, and that means that enterprises need to transition from the manual methods that have typically dominated CX design. Another big driver is the shift from a product-centric focus on marketing to a more customer-centric focus — brands have learned that if you can deliver customer delight, over and above product delight, you can have a customer for life. So, with the spotlight on customer touchpoints, thousands of businesses around the world will be looking to automate the design, development, testing, and monitoring of their CX capabilities.

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