How Will Spectre and Meltdown Affect My CX?


Spectre and Meltdown are the latest in a long list of threats to the security of your IT systems, including those that underpin your CX applications. But your CX applications are particularly critical. Not only are they the front door to your customers, but they also contain valuable, confidential, and private customer information.


It’s critical that you preserve the quality of experience that your customers receive. In other words, you can’t risk introducing defects or degrading performance into your CX applications as a result of installing patches. To ensure your CX applications are still running as intended, and that your customers will be able to accomplish their goals when they reach out to you, you must test your applications after installing patches.

But manually testing your CX applications takes time. And, with personal and confidential customer data potentially vulnerable, you should install patches without delay. 

What’s a good, responsible CX IT professional to do?

Automate CX Testing and Monitoring from the Outside-In

Test automation can help you address your security concerns rapidly, and ensure that you continue to deliver a great experience each and every time you engage your customer. Through automation, you can dramatically reduce the time needed for testing. In fact, Cyara routinely sees our clients reduce time per test by 2-3x. This not only enables our clients to test more thoroughly, but also to simultaneously accelerate the pace at which they put updates into production. Our clients are able to deploy updates as much as 70% faster than before automating their testing.

And, it’s not just one and done. We will continue to see patches that address Spectre and Meltdown, not to mention future threats. And with each of these patches, we need to conduct proper testing to ensure that our CX applications continue to run as designed.

If you’re still relying on manual testing, or have an antiquated CX assurance solution, we encourage you to look into how Cyara can help you. By automating testing, Cyara can help you test your applications before rolling the patches into production, and do it quickly so you can mitigate risk faster. Moreover, Cyara’s automated monitoring capabilities can establish a baseline for performance that can help you uncover any performance degradation that may result from these patches. Whether it’s Spectre or Meltdown, the next security threat, or ongoing innovations to improve your customers' journeys, Cyara can help you reduce costs, while simultaneously accelerating development speed and ensuring that your CX applications run as designed in production. 

Check out this video to see how Cyara works.