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    Harmonizing Customer and Employee Insights

    In 1909, London department store owner Harry Selfridge coined the term "The Customer is Always Right" to signify that his store would consistently deliver excellent service to customers. He also believed it would better inspire his employees to provide exceptional...

    The Real Value of VoC Programs

    As a Contact Center manager, you likely already have an established method of trying to understand how you are being perceived by your customers. Whether you have had a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program for quite some time, or you are just starting out, chances...

    Using Customer Feedback To Empower Frontline Agents

    With so many frontline contact center employees working from home, holiday destinations, and outside the traditional contact center, the topic of how to keep employees engaged is a hot one. Yet many companies continue to overlook a key resource that can be used to...

    VoC Platforms Give Employees a Voice Too

    As the first person customers often speak to, frontline staff in contact centers engage with customers in every kind of mood – happy, frustrated or even just plain angry. 

    How To Strengthen Your Contact Center as a Relationship Hub

    Relationships have always been critical for contact centers. Even in the shortest and simplest calls, that momentary connection between agent and customer can determine the long-range trajectory of the relationship.

    Cyara Announces Launch of New Automated CX Assurance Solution, LiveVQ!

    “Hey Honey… Do you think you could wait until the end of my workday to finish that episode of The Real Housewives of Toledo? I’ve got sales to close, and for the life of me I can’t hear my customers ‘cause you’re using up the bandwidth!”

    Why Contact Centers Should Test Bi-Directionally for Voice Quality

    According to this recent Qualtrics study that examined more than 2,000 consumers, 100 contact center agents, and thousands of customer journeys, it only takes one interaction with a contact center to change how 78% of consumers feel about a company… permanently....

    Did You Say Millions or Billions? The Impact Poor Voice Quality Can Have On Your Contact Center Bottom Line

    Did you know that, in large contact centers, as many as 30% of all calls can have voice quality issues? And that figure was from a study before COVID-19 and the fast, forced mass transition of agents moving to at-home operations that happened as a result. Can you...

    Remote Working through COVID-19: True Stories of Agile Contact Centers

    2020 wasn’t exactly what you would call an easy year for anyone, and in some ways it was especially tough on businesses. The pandemic caused many companies to change their course of action, and fast. This kind of necessary-yet-difficult pivot resulted in...