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    How to Reduce Latency on Your VoIP Calls

    Unfortunately, poor quality voice over internet protocol (VoIP) calls are often a result of high-levels of latency, and even the slightest delay may be noticeable. 

    Mastering Complaint Management from Customer Feedback

    Complaint management or the effective handling of customer complaints within an organization – is always a topic of strong interest and debate. If you search online for "customer complaints," you will inevitably come across numerous stories from every industry,...

    Open Enrollment Success: Contact Center Preparedness and Automation

    Every year, the term "Open Enrollment" instills fear into management teams and agents at contact centers across the United States. Despite awareness of its impending arrival, open enrollment continues to pose numerous challenges for contact centers nationwide.

    5 Tips to Get More from Your VoC Program

    Today, businesses must gather, analyze, and interpret details about their customer experience (CX) in realtime and then adapt their practices to effect positive change. The faster they can do this, the better, as this demonstrates the priority and effort made to...

    VoC Platforms Give Employees a Voice Too

    As the first person customers often speak to, frontline staff in contact centers engage with customers in every kind of mood – happy, frustrated or even just plain angry. 

    When to Collect Feedback from Your Customers

    Any contact center that is committed to enhancing their customer experience (CX) and product or service offering relies on voice of the customer (VoC) feedback as an essential input to identifying challenges and subsequently prioritizing future improvements.

    What Sets The Best CX Companies Apart?

    Starbucks, Qatar Airways, Netflix, Disney, Hubspot… these are just some of the many companies that are consistently recognized as having the best customer experience (CX) in the world. They frequently win CX-related awards and tend to dominate within their...