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    Top 10 Contact Center Trends for 2024

    Contact center technologies continue to evolve and enhance customer experience. As a result, contact center testing is growing in importance. In 2024, successful businesses will need to continue to keep their focus fixed on the customer journey. Industries are...

    Elevating CX With Phone Number Testing & Benchmarking

    Arguably, phone number testing is one of the most important aspects in ensuring an excellent customer experience (CX). Regardless of the industry you operate in, your phone numbers represent one of your most important assets. 

    The True Cost of Manual Testing

    Are Invisible Defects Limiting Your Revenue Potential?

    Self-service is key to IVR success. When your IVR system empowers customers to get basic questions answered, submit information, and perform simple tasks without ever speaking to an agent, it’s a boon for your...

    The True Cost of Testing Reactively

    How Proactive, Continuous Testing Can Save You Significantly in the Long Run

    No one has to convince call center executives of the value of achieving a high bar of customer experience. Regardless of your industry, if you’re running a call center, CX is your bread...

    Building Trust in Government by Assuring a Flawless Constituent Experience

    “We are experiencing a high call volume and longer wait times on our phone lines. We appreciate your patience and understand you have questions.” 

    Does Your Call Center Have a Plan for Quality Assurance?

    CX Defects and Failures Present Real Risks To Your Business

    In call center customer service, quality isn’t always a given. In fact, it can be downright elusive. Just ask anyone who’s had to call their utility company or cellphone provider recently.

    But that...

    Overcoming Fear and Loathing of the U.S. Healthcare Open Enrollment Season

    Open enrollment season. These words are enough to create fear and loathing in the hearts of U.S. health insurer employees. Those affected range from vice presidents of contact centers and the customer experience (CX) to the workers who interact with consumers via...

    Finding Your Power to Win: Lessons From Sugar Ray Leonard

    The principles that drive success are universal. Whether you strive for greatness as an athlete or in your business, it takes discipline, determination, and a certain amount of fearlessness to achieve your goals.Boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard knows something...

    Why Contact Centers Should Test Bi-Directionally for Voice Quality

    According to this recent Qualtrics study that examined more than 2,000 consumers, 100 contact center agents, and thousands of customer journeys, it only takes one interaction with a contact center to change how 78% of consumers feel about a company… permanently....