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    Emerging Software Testing Trends: What Contact Centers Can Expect In 2024

    The global contact center market is growing at an unprecedented pace. Already valued at $28.09 billion in 2022,it’s expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.9% from 2023-2030.

    Toll-Free Number Testing Doesn’t Have To Be a Drag

    There’s a Better Way To Keep Your Toll-Free Numbers in Line

    Think about a time when you had to call a company for assistance in solving a problem. Maybe you had a return to make, utilities to turn on, doctors offices to speak with. You looked up the customer...

    Does Your Call Center Have a Plan for Quality Assurance?

    CX Defects and Failures Present Real Risks To Your Business

    In call center customer service, quality isn’t always a given. In fact, it can be downright elusive. Just ask anyone who’s had to call their utility company or cellphone provider recently.

    But that...

    Security Threats and Security Testing for Chatbots

    This article discusses security threats and attack vectors of typical chatbot architectures — based on OWASP Top 10 and adversarial attacks. It was originally published on Botium’s blog on September 30, 2021, prior to Cyara’s acquisition of Botium.Learn more...

    Assessing Quality of Chatbot Training Phrases for Watson, Dialogflow and Everything Else

    This article was originally published on Botium’s blog on September 30, 2020, prior to Cyara’s acquisition of Botium.Learn more about Cyara + Botium

    This article shows you how to analyze and evaluate the quality of the training phrases for your chatbot intents...