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    When to Collect Feedback from Your Customers

    Any contact center that is committed to enhancing their customer experience (CX) and product or service offering relies on voice of the customer (VoC) feedback as an essential input to identifying challenges and subsequently prioritizing future improvements.

    What Sets The Best CX Companies Apart?

    Starbucks, Qatar Airways, Netflix, Disney, Hubspot… these are just some of the many companies that are consistently recognized as having the best customer experience (CX) in the world. They frequently win CX-related awards and tend to dominate within their...

    5 Reasons to Integrate a VoC Platform When Moving to The Cloud

    When businesses had to quickly pivot to remote-working during the pandemic, many became highly aware of the advantages of cloud-based technologies. Facing such disruption head-on and adapting to the changes has led many businesses to move from utilizing on-premise...

    Drive Your Post-Journey Customer Survey Participation Rate By Up To 30%

    At its core, the customer experience survey is an incredibly beneficial tool that gives businesses the information they need to improve and iterate their products and processes, reduce complaint volumes, connect with customers and engage employees.

    Survey Participation is The Key to Enhancing Customer Experience

    Customer experience (CX) is now more critical than ever before. As the 2022 KPMG Global Customer Experience Excellence report shows, successful companies need to tailor CX to meet specific customer needs and be aware of upcoming trends and expectations.

    Customer Feedback & VoC Should be at the Center of All Decision Making

    Organizations that prioritize customer feedback as a key input to make their critical business decisions are the ones that will survive and thrive. Why?